De Leyhoeve is an innovative residential landscape for people over 55; a concept that is catching on. De Leyhoeve's ambition is to grow from two locations to eight. A solid online basis was needed for this.


Successful housing concept for the over 55s

Project Corporate website
Client The Leyhoeve
Sector Healthcare


With such big ambitions, marketing is an important tool for the Leyhoeve. However, there was little feeling with the marketing partner the Leyhoeve was working with. In addition, with a view to new branches, there was a need for new websites for the various branches. Ideally, the Leyhoeve would manage multiple websites (locations) from one backend.



Because it was time for a new marketing agency, the Leyhoeve was looking for a partner who had experience with WordPress multisites. 2manydots is one of the top 3 Dutch WordPress specialists and was also based in the same city: Tilburg.

De Leyhoeve asked us to build a corporate website that could grow with this new residential concept. The management had a clear vision, but at the same time was open to the creativity and ideas of an experienced WordPress agency. Later the question arose to show all vacancies from an ATS system in a clear overview.


2manydots built a user-friendly corporate site for the Leyhoeve. This WordPress multisite makes it possible to quickly and easily create a new website for a new location. A clean design with a large font and a balanced color palette appeals to the target audience and exudes allure.

A separate section in the website was set aside to display all job openings for the various Leyhoeve locations. This was linked to Hireserve by means of a self-built WordPress plug-in. This Dutch party worked closely with us to realize this.


A WordPress multisite turned out to be the ideal solution

2manydots went through usual steps when developing website. After extensive preparation, our team went to work to create the multisite that the Leyhoeve had in mind. Regular meetings kept the client closely informed of progress. After delivery, we instructed the team on how to manage the multisite.

"We find that 2manydots supports us when there is a need and advises us when they see a reason to do so."

The Leyhoeve