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Regularly people experience WordPress problems. Sometimes it is difficult to find out exactly where the problem lies. Maybe you don't have time to look for a solution, the web builder is not cooperating or you can't log into the back-end. Maybe you are using too many plugins or the hosting is not working properly. In this blog we will discuss common WordPress problems and how they can be easily solved.

Many WordPress problems are relatively easy to solve by requesting a migration from a professional internet marketing agency. A WordPress specialist! After all, you chose WordPress at the time for a reason. It is a user-friendly management system, it has an open-source character and is the market leader among CMS systems. In addition, a WordPress website is easy to maintain and use with a team. Also, WordPress websites score well in Google or other search engines by default. But then the WordPress website has to work.

Are you still doubting whether WordPress is the right platform for you? We will help you on your way with the CMS decision aid!

1. My WordPress website has been hacked

Has your website been hacked and are you too late to secure it? Unfortunately, it happens quite often. When this happens, you need to take action as soon as possible. It is important that you solve the problem and that you prevent a hack in the future as much as possible. A specialized internet marketing agency can help with this. We secure a WordPress website by means of professional hosting and our watertight security solutions. Some examples:

  • Active Monitoring. We monitor your website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure maximum security.
  • Two-factor authentication. This additional security measure is an effective way to protect accounts and passwords. Everyone who has access to the WordPress Admin fills in an additional security code via a mobile application.
  • Encrypted data. It is important to make regular backups in connection with hacks or unintentional changes. 2manydots makes such a backup of the website and the data is stored encrypted. We can also restore such a backup at any time.
  • Strict password policy. We recommend using passphrases. As an internet agency, we help to set everything up in the best possible way and provide tips and advice.
  • Active firewall and advanced security measures based on 15 years of best-practices and real-time network analytics.

2. My WordPress web builder is poorly accessible

Nothing is more annoying than having to wait endlessly for a WordPress web builder. Especially in times of a global Corona crisis. You expect a proactive attitude and quick solutions, but in practice you often sit and wait for someone to call back. Is it regularly the case that you cannot contact the web builder? Does it take forever for a simple change to be made to your WordPress website? A solid internet marketing agency, as part of the team, is the solution. This is because the big advantage is that we have a professional helpdesk for all our clients, including an emergency number where we can be reached 24 hours a day. Such a help desk ensures that problems are solved efficiently, in the shortest possible time. We won't let you down. We promise!

3. My WordPress website is difficult to manage myself

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly management systems out there. Yet we know from experience that there are those who do not find using their WordPress website to be easy or intuitive. Marketing staff sometimes cannot change anything in the website's WordPress Admin. Does only your web developer have access to the backend? Or do you have to contact them all the time to post new content? This can be done many times faster. 

The solution is simple: we make sure you get your own WordPress Admin login. 2manydots will make sure you can work in the backend and we will teach you how the system works. An extensive training or multiple day course is really not necessary to master the WordPress Admin. We provide an easy and flexible management and in case of problems or questions we are always available to help you.

4. My WordPress website is slow

The loading speed of your website is essential for reducing bounce rate, increasing customer experience and successful SEO. Do you notice that your website is slow? Then you should take immediate action to solve this problem. If your web builder can't help (fast enough), a migration to a professional internet marketing agency is the solution. 2manydots not only helps to reduce the loading speed with professional hosting, but also continues to improve and update constantly.

We can help you quickly and effectively with a WordPress website, through stable hosting and professional plugins, without the use of all kinds of weird add-ons. We do this by first taking stock of what the backend looks like now, so that we can then implement the best-fit solution after migration.

5. My WordPress website is no longer up to date

With WordPress, it is important to maintain the website properly and update it weekly. If this is not done, the website or backend may stop working properly or be vulnerable to hackers. In the constantly changing tech world, it is important that a website is regularly reviewed and checked. Do you do this yourself now by constantly piling plugin upon plugin to fix WordPress problems? Or are certain features no longer working because of a system that hasn't been updated? Then it's time to get things cleaned up. 

Updates are there for a reason. They not only add functionality, but also contribute to a more stable, faster and more secure website. Updating is necessary and therefore 2manydots maintains a strict update policy. We do this by constant, active monitoring, updating and maintaining the website. This makes it unnecessary to tinker with the backend yourself. With us you don't just choose a webdeveloper as a partner, but a full-service that helps with, and advises on, online opportunities and threats. 

6. My WordPress website is often offline or experiencing an outage

Is your website offline more often than usual or are you experiencing a glitch? This is not necessary at all. If you are experiencing this problem with the WordPress website, the hosting is probably the culprit. Professional hosting is essential for a properly functioning website. This ensures that a website doesn't experience glitches easily and is properly secured. In addition, it is important to use stable plugins that always work. Not all plugins are suitable: publicly available plugins are not always the most secure modules. We install and manage the right plugins and perform maintenance for a stable WordPress website.

A specialized internet marketing agency can provide such good hosting and the right plugins, but even goes a step further. Through active support, we can be ahead of any possible WordPress problems in the future, ensuring that the website is working optimally.

Why choose 2manydots?

At 2manydots, you are at the table with WordPress specialists with 15 years of experience. We have a multidisciplinary team and are the specialist in converting WordPress websites. With our quick help desk, knowledge, in-house developers and marketing specialists, we can help with all your WordPress problems or questions. In addition, we are happy to help you with website migration. Ready to take action as a team?

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