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Suppliers of lubricants and fuels-such as gas stations-use ICASA Suite. With it, they manage all aspects of the supply chain and sales. The API allows us to integrate ICASA Suite with your WordPress website.

Why integrate ICASA Suite with WordPress?

ICASA Suite offers a complete overview and maximum control, wherever the manager is. Wouldn't it be nice to integrate this versatile cloud software with your WordPress website, which can also be managed from anywhere? Such a link allows two-way traffic: information from ICASA Suite can appear on your WordPress website, but information from visitors, for example completed contact forms, can also be sent to ICASA Suite.

ICASA Suite/WordPress linkage in practice

Thanks to the Application Programming Interface (API) of ICASA Suite, it is possible to make this a custom link with other software. This paves the way for an integration with a WordPress website. For one of our clients, AVIA, we created exactly such a link. 

In this case, the integration helped manage the fuel card administration. We built the WordPress site in such a way that visitors were encouraged and helped to complete their fuel card application. After sending a request, the application, including the uploaded document scans, appeared directly in ICASA Suite. This saved AVIA time and ensured a faster approval, which ultimately resulted in more companies actually using their fuel cards. See the AVIA case study for more details on this link from WordPress to ICASA Suite.

Do it yourself or outsource?

Creating an API link between ICASA Suite and WordPress requires serious programming skills. If one of your employees has those skills, he or she can send an open application to 2manydots. But chances are, you should leave this integration to a team of specialists.

Why choose 2manydots?

A custom link is often desired to process users' data more efficiently. And when it comes to personal data, you need to handle it carefully. The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) requires you, among other things, to use encrypted data transfer and secure databases. 2manydots is familiar with the requirements of the AVG and ensures maximum security and privacy.
In addition, 2manydots has years of experience in creating custom WordPress links. We are one of the top 3 Dutch WordPress agencies and regularly work with the APIs of enterprise software such as ICASA Suite.

The originally Belgian ICASA Group has more than 30 years of experience in the energy sector. With ICASA Suite, this organization offers a total cloud solution for fuel companies with downstream activities. In practice, the ICASA Group's customer base consists mainly of fuel stations and lubricant suppliers.

With ICASA Suite, these organizations maintain control over the among other logistical process including fuel storage, pricing strategy, fuel card issuance, payment authorization, accounting and much more. The standard dashboards have extensive configuration options for maximum overview.

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