Rewrite your texts effortlessly with our free AI-powered plug-in

Photo Written by Finn Ruijter

Are you tired of spending hours struggling to rewrite text on your WordPress website? Have you ever wished there was a simple and quick way to adapt your content to different languages, styles and lengths? 2manydots has developed a solution that solves all these problems: a powerful, AI-powered WordPress plug-in that automatically rewrites your texts. And best of all: it's free to download!

The magic behind the plug-in: AI technology

This unique plug-in uses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze and rewrite your texts. It learns from billions of text snippets to optimize your content for the desired language, writing style and length. You don't have to worry about grammar, spelling or sentence structure - the AI takes care of everything.

Rewrite your texts effortlessly with our free AI-powered plug-in - 2manydots

How it works.

To use the plug-in, simply download it for free from the 2manydots website and install it on your WordPress site. Create an account with OpenAI and enter your payment information. Then enter your OpenAI API key in your WordPress settings, or you can ask us to activate it for you.

Once the plug-in is installed and activated, navigate to the text you want to modify and choose the desired language, writing style and length. The AI then goes to work rewriting your text based on your preferences. Within seconds you'll see the result, ready to publish or further customize as you wish.

Why is 2manydots' AI-driven plug-in so useful? Discover the benefits of this practical and free plug-in for your WordPress website:

  1. Time saving: Save on editing work by having your texts automatically rewritten by AI.
  2. Flexibility: Customize your content for different audiences, languages and styles with a few clicks.
  3. Quality: Take advantage of AI's advanced linguistic skills to produce error-free, well-written texts.
  4. Free to use: No cost for the plug-in. You only pay for using the computing power at OpenAI. Download the plug-in for free and start transforming your texts right away.

We are not sitting still and are constantly working on adding new features to make your writing experience even better. In the near future, you can expect automatic checking for sentence structure and errors, among other things, making it even easier to produce high-quality, error-free text.

Rewrite your texts effortlessly with our free AI-powered plug-in - 2manydots

The AI-powered WordPress plug-in from 2manydots offers a simple solution for rewriting small texts. This free tool lets you edit your content quickly and easily, without compromising on quality. Try it today!

Finn Ruijter Head of development