Success story of Bonheur Horeca Group

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Bonheur has ten unique catering locations in Tilburg and the surrounding area. Both the group and the individual locations were in need of a new website. We developed a custom WordPress multisite for them, where hospitality is central online.


The website was becoming outdated and did not radiate the desired image of the strong, diverse and independent Bonheur Horeca Group. The individual locations could not customize their own page, but had to go to the head office to do so. The company also paid a lot of commission to for room reservations.

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The new website needed to have an accessible CMS that allowed each location to publish news and events. The company specifically wanted a WordPress website because of its ease of use. At a later stage, Bonheur wanted a booking module for the hotel rooms on the site.

"We asked for three quotes," says Joyce van der Waal, Marketing & Communications. "The best website quote came from 2manydots. That quote was convincing because of its good price/quality ratio and clear expertise. From our agreement, we moved at lightning speed towards the website launch."


2manydots designed a custom website, full of recognizable and visually strong aspects. Thanks to a custom template, each location has a subsite that exudes its own atmosphere, yet clearly fits the Bonheur.

For the locations with hotel rooms, we performed SEO in a second phase and built in a user-friendly reservation module, offering Bonheur visitors an alternative to

Success story of Bonheur Horeca Group - 2manydots

Online success thanks to an intensive collaboration

"During the project I had regular and direct contact with the 2manydots team," says Joyce. "That works so pleasantly. I also regularly sit down with them to discuss areas of improvement for the website. Then, for example, we look at a Hotjar analysis so we can back up our gut feeling with numbers."


Online reservations have become easier and guests make contact more easily. Bonheur is ready for the future and has been making higher conversions since going live. Technical adjustments improve the findability of this website, helped by campaigns through AdWords.

  • +37% online conversion
  • Widely used templates
  • 9 sites for speaking locations
  • Thousands of dollars in commission saved
Success story of Bonheur Horeca Group - 2manydots

We now have a modern, well-organized and visually strong website with an easy to update backend. - Joyce van der Waal, marketing & communications at Bonheur

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