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Defense Pipeline Organization (DPO) is part of the Department of Defense. DPO provides and monitors the transport of aviation fuels to military and civilian airfields through its own pipeline network in the ground. To better reach customers and landowners, it was high time for a website of its own. We developed a government website for DPO.


The Defense Pipeline Organization (DPO) transports fuel through underground pipes within the Netherlands and abroad. The pipes run throughout the country, traversing forests, estates, and the territories of farmers, businesses, and individuals, among other things. DPO was difficult to reach for landowners who, for example, wanted to apply for a permit to dig on land through which such a pipeline runs.

Success story from Ministry of Defense - 2manydots


The main reason DPO was difficult to reach was the missing website. Landowners, chain partners and customers such as airlines should be able to get in touch more easily thanks to a new site. The request was to also perform search engine optimization for the new website.


2manydots built a custom WordPress site and provided it with strict information security, as required for government websites. The site is responsive so downloads, documents and forms can be accessed from smartphones and tablets.

Success story from Ministry of Defense - 2manydots


Thanks to its simple design, landowners navigate directly to the appropriate downloads to request permission to dig near the pipes. In case of emergencies, the emergency number is also immediately visible. Because of the international network of pipelines, DPO opted for a multilingual website.


The main wish of the Ministry of Defense and DPO was to have a reliable site developed by a reliable partner. They succeeded. DPO experienced 2manydots as an experienced and active and committed agency. The 2manydots service desk was staffed by a fast acting team. Questions about new or additional requirements were handled quickly and properly by the account manager.

  • Stringent cybersecurity
  • Easily post content
  • Good findability in search engines
  • In line with the corporate identity of Defense
Success story from Ministry of Defense - 2manydots

2manydots offered a straightforward maintenance model that scored on transparency and predictability. That combination made DPO award the contract to 2manydots. - DPO

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