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Automate email marketing with Spotler. This tool should not be separated from your website, where potential leads get to know your organization. Read all about the Spotler link with WordPress here.

Spotler is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that allows you to send beautiful and relevant emails to your target audience. Thanks to A/B-tests you can see which subject line, picture or button triggers the most (inter)action. 

Why integrate Spotler with WordPress?

You want the email address of someone who shows interest in the content on your website. You can then send this lead the latest news or attractive offers. But what works even better is personalizing these emails. Based on the behavior or interests of this visitor you can offer appropriate content. 

Spotler's WordPress plugin is a bit thin. You can use it to create web forms, which will bring contacts directly into your database. But before you get that form working, you have to tweak the CSS code, which can cause a lot of headaches. In addition, we believe that the plugin gets too few updates, which creates a security risk. And frankly, we can imagine many more links between Spotler and WordPress than just posting web forms.

Do it yourself or outsource?

Thanks to Spotler's API, it is possible to build your own link between Spotler and WordPress. This makes it easier to collect the names, email addresses and phone numbers of your leads, guide them through customized funnels and optimize conversion. 

Such a custom link is more secure than Spotler's standard plugin. It just takes some time and effort to build this integration. Not to mention the programming skills. If you all have that, then there's work to be done.

Why choose 2manydots?

Of course, you can also outsource building a Spotler/WordPress integration to professionals. 2manydots designs and builds WordPress websites and WordPress plugins completely to order. The security of your site and personal data is a high priority. The result is a plugin that does exactly what you want, remains compatible with new WordPress versions and is AVG compliant.

About Spotler

Unlike many other email marketing tools, Spotler comes from Dutch soil. With this SaaS you send newsletters, create landing pages without distractions and pop-ups in your house style. The software can even link the IP addresses of visitors to specific companies, giving you good insight into your target group. With Spotler, you collect leads and convert them into customers.

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