Have a website made
Roadmap for a new website

This will prevent surprises

Getting a new site built doesn't happen overnight. Once you decide to go for a new website, the process really begins. To get you started, we'll guide you through the most important decision moments. We provide a step-by-step plan for making the right choices, from idea to going live. That way, as a marketer, you'll be well prepared!

Not prepared
  • Unclear expectations
  • Comparing apples to oranges
  • No clear budget in mind
  • Little knowledge of CMS capabilities
  • Financial surprises
Well prepared
  • Requirements and wishes are clear
  • Comparing apples to apples
  • Good budget indication
  • CMS capabilities are clear
  • Grip on investments

Roadmap for new website

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1. What are my requirements and wishes?

A good website brief is at the foundation of a successful website. This is a document that a client draws up to provide an Internet agency with the right context and input. This way you have all the requirements and wishes quickly listed. Want to write a briefing yourself? Download our white paper (including template) to create a good and complete document.

Website briefing writing

2. What does a Web site cost?

You have a wish list ready to go. The next step is to delve into the investment. What costs are involved in having a new WordPress website built? And how do you set a realistic budget? You can read all about it in this white paper. We also provide tips for comparing quotes.

What does a website cost

3. How do we want to manage the website?

Having a new website built also involves consideration for a content management system (CMS). What is the right choice depends entirely on your current situation and requirements. Let us advise you! We help you on your way with our CMS selection guide. This white paper provides insight into the differences between the various platforms.

CMS decision aid

4. What kind of Internet agency are we looking for?

The next step is to meet with several potential partners to come up with an offer. Each agency has different qualities. Make the selection process easier with our assessment matrix. Rate providers on the same factors. That way you can compare apples to apples.

Agency Selection

5. How do we want to work together?

You are entering into a long-term collaboration. It is then nice to work in a way that suits the company. Each agency has its own approach and way of working. In this white paper we explain common practices for building a website.

Working method of internet agencies

A little sparring?

In the online world, you don't want to fly blind. You need an experienced partner to help you navigate. Let 2manydots be your co-pilot.

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