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Companies for which a website is nothing more than an online business card are missing out on opportunities. Because more and more customers are researching and buying online. To turn your website into a real marketing weapon, make sure it provides you with a constant flow of leads. The actions that lead to this are called lead generation.


What is a lead?

A lead is someone who shows interest in your offer and leaves his or her contact information. This can be an email address or a phone number. In a world of spam and telemarketing, such a lead sends a clear message: this person trusts you and may be in the market for your service or product.

In short, a lead is an opportunity. It is someone who knocks on your door of their own accord and is open to further contact. How you design that contact depends on the phase in which the lead is located. Because let's be clear: one lead is not like another.

Why leads are so important

Thanks to the Internet, the buying process of consumers and companies has changed dramatically. Where "in the past" you had to attract customers through newspaper ads, highway billboards and television advertising, that's not how it works today.

Customers no longer depend on salespeople to get information about a product or service. They can find extensive specifications and reviews on the Internet, which makes comparing providers easy. For this reason, you want to be easily findable for your potential customers.

And once customers find you, you want to quietly build a relationship with them. You do this by offering as much value as possible. By doing so, you not only help solve their problems, but at the same time show them that you are a helpful expert. A true partner.


This is how you score leads

You can get leads in a variety of ways: from social media likes, completed forms, downloads, incoming phone calls, and so on. But the most common way is by delivering gated content. That's comprehensive and valuable content that you deliver in exchange for something - usually an email address. It can take the form of a webinar, a test, a full version of a blog post, an e-book, a useful tool, a demo version of software, or a mini-course.

Which lead magnet best suits your target group, you will undoubtedly feel for yourself. If you have any doubts, we will be happy to give you custom advice. Although there is nothing wrong with asking your (potential) customers. The needs of your target group are constantly changing and the result of a short poll can give surprising answers.

Different types of leads

In the world of lead acquisition, we distinguish different types of leads. The distinction is not only in the amount of contact information you have from such a lead. The buying intention also differs.

  • Lead
    A lead is a stranger who has entered his or her contact information, such as in exchange for your newsletter or the full version of a blog post. This person starts looking for a quick solution to a problem. This person does not yet know your offerings of products or services, so it is not appropriate to push. At this stage, you want to get to know each other quietly.
  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)
    A Marketing Qualified Lead already knows you better. This person has shown interest in your services or products, such as by downloading an e-book or white paper. An MQL is further along in the buyer journey or customer journey than a regular lead. An MQL realizes that an investment is needed and now focuses on one of the categories of solutions. A niche in which you and your competitors operate.
  • Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)
    A Sales Qualified Lead has chosen a particular method or approach that matches your offering. Indeed, this person is aware that you are providing the necessary solution. The SQL is about to make a purchase - the only question is with whom. How do you turn this lead into a paying customer?
On average, 50% of online leads are not yet ready to proceed to purchase.

Convert leads into a funnel

That leads come in different types should be obvious by now. But such a label is not permanent. The idea is that you promote your leads to Marketing Qualified Leads. And sooner or later you want to turn those MQLs into SQLs, with which a sale becomes a real possibility. You do this "warming up" of leads in a funnel. This is an imaginary funnel through which leads move, on their way to the end point in the form of a sale. Along the way there are various contact moments in which you win the lead's trust on the one hand and present your unique offer on the other.

Those touch points can be newsletters, blog posts, tests, downloads, and so on. In fact, research shows that "cold" leads need about 5 to 8 of these moments to make a purchase. Know, like, trust. The fact that this customer journey has a funnel shape is due to the inevitable abandonment of potential customers. It is simply impossible for every lead to eventually become a customer. What you can influence, however, is the percentage of dropouts. 2manydots has the knowledge and the tools to generate an impressive conversion rate.


Lead nurturing

The fact that people give you their email addresses is, of course, quite something. But ultimately you want what are called Sales Qualified Leads (SQL): people or companies who are ready to make a purchase. All you have to do is convince these leads that your organization has the solution to their problem.

Our modus operandi is to identify SQLs online at an early stage. But that's not all. The website we build for you will have a thoughtful funnel that "warms up" cold leads until they reach the SQL level. At each stage of the customer journey, based on Google's See-Think-Do-Care model, your website communicates the right message, at the right time to the right person. In doing so, we maximize conversion rates.

Automate your funnel

A well-functioning lead generation funnel requires automation. After all, there are many things you want to be in control of: saving and categorizing email addresses, sending premium content immediately, the punctuality of an autoresponder, the pages a lead has viewed, the stage this person is in, and so on.

As a full-service Internet marketing agency, we have put many software packages to the test. Because every client is unique, we choose the best solution for every situation. But the result always remains the same: an automated funnel that delivers leads to your doorstep 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

✔ Attract quality visitors
✔ Warm up cold leads into SQLs
✔ Turn customers into ambassadors

In addition, there are handy tools, such as Hotjar, which you can use to run all kinds of tests, see which pages your visitors spend the longest reading, where people's mouse cursors linger and where they click. This gives you the information you need to maximize the conversion rate.

2manydots builds not so much a simple website, but a complete marketing weapon. These ingenious machines are automated, so you don't have to worry about them. From introduction to conversion -and often much further- it transforms strangers into customers and then into ambassadors.

Quality or quantity?

In theory, more leads make for higher sales. After all, you know what percentage of leads get promoted to MQLs and what percentage of them get SQL status. In that respect, it makes sense that you want to drive more traffic to your site.

Although we won't deny that quantity has an impact, we at 2manydots prefer to focus on the quality of leads. Because the better your leads are, the easier they convert. That makes the return on investment (ROI) higher, saves your sales department time, and builds loyalty.

Measurable results

You don't just hire any internet marketing agency. You're all about results, and that's what we at 2manydots provide. That doesn't mean we set up a campaign, sit back and send you an automated report.

Our resultsmatter® philosophy commits us to proactively managing your campaign. That means we continuously measure and optimize to get maximum results from your lead generation campaign. You have real-time access to the numbers and can always spar with us about any changes in direction.

A responsible investment

Your success is our success. And because we prefer to enter into a long-term partnership, your investment must be well justified. Therefore, various stakeholders such as managers and board members are welcome to attend our periodic presentations. In these presentations you can see what results certain tweaks have yielded and we discuss the plans for the next period.

Do you also want to collect more leads?

Leads lead the way to online success. But to what extent can you improve the lead generation process? How do you grab those last percentage points? You'll know in a minute thanks to our lead generation checklist. Download it now.

Prefer to read further? Then read our lead generation white paper, where we go deeper into this topic. A good start is half the battle!

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