Do you too want to have a professional WordPress website created? Do you want a high quality website that will last for several years? We understand that! A website is the showcase of your organization. Nowadays, your brand really belongs with a well-run, clear website. However, building a new website can scare you because of the many unfamiliar terminologies and technical aspects. 2manydots no longer shies away from these obstacles and has made it its specialty through years of experience.

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Every organization is different and so is every website. A website can have different purposes and custom work needs to be done for them. 2manydots has a lot of experience in different types of professional websites and are ready to work for your organization. Highlighted below are a few different types of websites that 2manydots has created optimized WordPress websites for.


Working at website

When your organization makes strides, there is often room and need for reinforcement. Scouring thousands of LinkedIn pages for suitable talent is one option. For 2manydots this is just not an efficient way and we have thought of something. By creating a 'work at' websitewe provide a slick WordPress website that is easily found through our use of search engine optimization. This way you don't have to search for talent but the talent presents itself.



The most common type of website is the corporate WordPress website. 2manydots has already developed numerous of these corporate but clear websites for large and smaller companies. While developing a corporate website, we always take into account the industry the organization is in and what the target audience is. This way the organization and the professional website keep the same identity.


Corporate and Government

For 2manydots the sky is the limit. Of course we offer customization for individuals or smaller companies, but we also like to work with large business organizations and governments for a WordPress website. Companies like Unicef, Walt Disney and Sony Music have already gone before you and are using a WordPress website. We understand what is needed for a large business or government website. We do not shy away from integration with business processes, business hosting, multilingualism or multisite solutions.



Perhaps the most technical and difficult website to build is the webshop. You can also have this type of website created by 2manydots. Because of the countless functions that come with a WordPress webshop, when you take matters into your own hands, despondency can strike. At 2manydots we do not know the concept of despondency and we always look for and find a solution. We have already delivered WordPress websites in the form of a webshop for several organizations and this no longer holds any secrets for our specialists.

Custom WordPress website creation

With a beautiful and functional website you want to stand out and you share that ambition with 2manydots. We too distinguish ourselves year after year from the standard internet agencies by creating custom WordPress websites. After all, a website is so much more than a few images and an inviting text. Important themes like security, management and privacy may not be the first themes that come to mind, but they make your website so much more professional. In addition, we can link more than 25 programs to your WordPress.

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Create a WordPress website by specialists

2manydots has experts who have know-how in the latest techniques. Whether your current site is a more complex website or an accessible website, nothing is too crazy for us. Thus, we take care of the obstacles and leave them behind with flying colors. Only then will your organization have that dream custom website. Meanwhile, we dare to say with certainty: 2manydots belongs to the Dutch top of WordPress agencies.

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Examples say more than a thousand words. 2manydots can guarantee to create professional WordPress websites for your organization, but we prefer to provide proof. Check out the numerous cases of organizations we helped and whose expectations we exceeded by creating a professional website.

What we are proud of
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Why choose Wordpress

Why choose WordPress?

As an organization you want your website to be a representative business card for the outside world. WordPress offers the latest tools to make your website as diverse as possible. The number one website developer in the world is used by several large organizations and that is not for nothing. WordPress also continues to develop so that your website can grow to the top.

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We integrate all your systems

In order to make things as easy as possible for employees, we are increasingly working with links. However, all these different links can become confusing for organizations. 2manydots integrates all these links into your system so that the work for you and your employees is clear. Examples of the WordPress integrations we make are Teamwork, Spotler and HROffice.

Our working method

At 2manydots we have a fixed and proven method of working so that we can assist your organization in the best possible way. We do this in five phases: Introduction and Briefing, Design, Development, Delivery, Maintenance and Optimization.


To get everything properly mapped out, we organize a meeting with our experts. Here any uncertainties can be cleared up beforehand. When everything is clear to us and you, our experts will proceed with the design and development of the website. In time, the customized website will be delivered and we will stay by your side to maintain and optimize your WordPress website.

Other services

We hope you've already gotten a good idea of the possibilities of a collaboration with 2manydots. To make this even more clear, our services do not stop with the creation of a new website. To optimize your website as much as possible 2manydots provides a number of other services.

Moving your website

Without any prior knowledge, moving your website can be the same stress as moving to another city. 2manydots has already gone through this relocation process numerous times flawlessly, and we want to help you do the same. By just providing us with some information, we will make sure that all the files of your current website will be transferred to your 'new' website, of course without losing anything. We guarantee you the least stressful move ever. Your website will get the attention it deserves.

Secure and fast hosting

As an organization, you can take the hosting of your WordPress website into your own hands, but this creates a lot of ambiguity. In addition, it is not always safe. At 2manydots we take care of the hosting of your website. By hosting your website with one 'host' we prevent all kinds of unnecessary lines to different domains. To keep our services as simple as possible, 2manydots offers two hosting packages.

Business Hosting is our outlier in speed, security, stability and scalability. Topics that come up daily in the internet world. This is the perfect hosting solution for an organization. When you choose Lite Hosting your website is online and easily accessible, but has no other extras that Business Hosting does.

Online marketing

Your new website looks picture-perfect and stands like a house, but visitor numbers remain low. Besides some local findability, it's not really going well. This is a waste of all the time and effort you have invested in this project. After all, your website should be seen. Due to the high competition on the worldwide web, it can be very difficult to get visitors to your optimized WordPress website. Then there is an organic method that 2manydots happens to have made its specialty, namely Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our experts write well-running, creative texts that are crafted to be SEO-friendly. And with our technical SEO optimizations, we remove all barriers to search engines. Through this online marketing method your WordPress website will rise, organically, in the Google rankings. And when you consider that 30% of all clicks on Google go to the first given option, those Google rankings are essential.

What are the costs?

A very important question is "What will it cost to have a new WordPress website built?" After all, you do want your investment to be well spent. Because every client has different needs, we cannot provide a standard cost per website. That's why you can request a quote or free consultation via the 2manydots website.

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Do you also want a professional site?

Having a professional website created is extremely important for the image of your organization. Are you looking for a pleasant cooperation with short lines and a lot of technical knowledge? Then work with 2manydots and choose the guarantee of a good WordPress website. Our experts take your organization by the hand and relieve you of all the obstacles a website entails. Contact us by phone today or start a conversation below!
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