2manydots Network Status

If a problem occurs please check the points underneath to make sure you’re not reporting false reports. The internet is a challenging place where problems can pop-up from anywhere.

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Are you experiencing network / email problems?

  • My website or admin panel doesn’t work!
    Check the connection with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) by visiting some other major websites like Google, Amazon or AOL. If these are down as well you’ll probably have an issue with your ISP. Try contacting them first!
  • My website or admin panel still doesn’t work!
    Check if your the IP-address of the computer, tablet or smartphone you are working on isn’t blocked by our server. Connect to your website or admin panel using a mobile GPRS / 3G / 4G connection (disconnect WiFi). If your website or admin panel appears the ‘block’ only affects your location. Please send an email and we’ll get on it right away!
  • I can’t send or receive email!
    Try to log on to your mail server first by adding /webmail to your domain (example.com/webmail) or log on to our Hosted Exchange Platform. If you’re able to log on to one of these two mail services the problem is likely to be a local problem on your computer. Try to contact your administrator first!
  • My website isn’t displaying correctly
    Try to clear the browser cache first. Computers tend to save website data on your local computer. By flushing them you’re forcing the website to get the latest version of all the files from the server.

Still having problems with our services?

  • During business days (Mon/Fri – 8:30/17:00hr)
    Please contact us by email or call 0031 13 711 47 00.
  • In the evening or weekends
    For emergency purposes we have a phone number available 24/7.

How does it work?

Call us 24/7 on our emergency phone number 0031 13 700 97 02 for immediate assistance. In some cases people can’t respond right away. After try calling twice, please send an email to emergency-247@2manydots.nl. People will respond as soon as possible! Please note that we have ‘active monitoring’ on all our servers and systems. In case of a problem, chances are we’re already working on it. Due to the high amount of reports we may receive, we advise clients to monitor this website or follow us on Twitter.