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As a website owner, you want to write as much content as possible. News items, blogs or knowledge bases. Each provides a space to create content and fill your website. Of course, you want the content to be in order and it should carry an informative charge, because it's nice if your content is actually consumed by your visitors.


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Content is also a good way to be more findable in the search engines. We also call this search engine optimization. By applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your content, you increase the chances that visitors will land on your website through an organic route.

The ultimate goal of your content is primarily to increase conversions. After all, in many cases this is an organization's revenue model. It is therefore nice if content can be a helping hand in this. To realize that, it is useful (read: necessary) to do content optimization. What that means exactly and which different phases you have to take into account can be read on this page.

Part of your online marketing strategy

While brainstorming your marketing strategy, you probably come up with the coolest ideas. If you are confident that it will move your organization forward, implement it. Still, writing new content and optimizing this new content (content optimization) is often neglected. We think this is unjustified, since content optimization can indeed have a major impact on your marketing strategy.

So in the next brainstorming session, broach this topic and use this page to show why content optimization is so valuable.

seo checklist

Improving SEO content: how does it work at 2manydots?

You've probably heard of Search Engine Optimization many times, but don't know exactly how to apply it to your content. That's not a problem at all, we're happy to help. SEO basically means writing content with the right keywords, bringing more quality traffic to your website.

When you step into our proven Resultsmatter® process, we begin with a preliminary study. An important part of this preliminary research is analyzing your content. Does it already contain some SEO or is there room for improvement here? We report this accurately and present it to the client with relevant examples.

The roadmap

0 measurement: a scan of your website

During the 0-meting we will look at where your website stands in relation to the set and aspired goals. This will provide a precise picture of the aspects that can be improved. Of course, we will also look at the aspects that are already going well, so that they are not unnecessarily tinkered with. This is all put into position by making a scan of your website.

Keyword research

Every business has a target audience set up. After all, without a target group, you don't know where to focus your marketing strategy. Rather than just looking at the geographical aspects of a target group, we really want to know everything about your target group. Only then will you achieve the desired results.

For example, how do you know what content to optimize if you don't know what your target audience is searching for? During our keyword research we will investigate this thoroughly. For example, if your target audience searches a lot on 'online marketing training courses', we will include that in our keyword research. It is then worthwhile for your company to set up a page with good content about online marketing training.

Complete report with key findings

You outsource your work and hire experienced professionals as the extension of your marketing department. You want to see results, preferably as comprehensive and well-founded as possible. We get that and we make sure you get it.

By providing an overview of all the pages on your website with our findings, you can see exactly where your website's opportunities lie. Which pages are currently ranking well? What are the relevant keywords your target audience is searching for? What conversions are possible there and what contributes to conversion optimization? Do you want to rank with these pages or would you rather focus on that other well-filled page on your website? We determine which pages contain the most qualitative content that needs to be boosted to achieve the greatest effect. And all that in a complete and clear report.

Optimize content

Creating content is no easy task. You look for a new angle every time and your text must be easy for visitors to read. In addition, the spelling has to be error-free, because a wrong d or t looks very sloppy. If that's not already time-consuming enough, you have a hundred other obligations and activities you have to deal with on a daily basis that make content writing, let alone content optimization, well nigh impossible. Yet you see how important it is and that your website really can't do without it.

Inhouse copywriter

2manydots has an in-house copywriter with extensive experience in writing SEO-friendly copy. Our copywriter will work with your input and transform an empty page into a page full of relevant information that also includes search engine optimization.

Do you still prefer to write your texts yourself but just want an experienced second opinion? Even then we can apply as coordinators and do the final check of your text before it is exhibited worldwide.


Our own success story

We have long been aware of the value of content optimization. Every month, we write several blogs and landing pages using relevant keywords for our target audience. The result? A visible increase in organic website visitors and a higher number of quality leads. In the image to the right, you can see our realized increase. You want this too, don't you?

What does content optimization entail?

Content optimization is a broad term. Chances are you don't have a clear idea of what exactly it covers. We briefly explain twelve terms.

Detecting dead links

A dead link leads nowhere and Google sees that. This comes at the expense of your content optimization, so you would do well to detect and remove the dead links.

Delete duplicate content

Duplicate content, also known as duplicate content, may be the death knell for your website. Avoid any kind of duplicate content by writing your articles or blogs with an original angle every time.

Compressing images

It is often forgotten but the images on your website also contribute to content optimization. Compressed images take up less space, which in turn contributes to a better loading speed of your website.

Delete rarely visited pages

Pages that are barely visited and do not contain essential information are better removed. The risk of duplicate content increases when the number of pages increases. It's also quite possible that you don't have the content of these pages completely clear so duplicate content is lurking.

Rewriting texts

Your business changes, and so once in a while the information on your website needs an update. Therefore, keep all your texts sharp and rewrite where necessary. When time permits, also apply SEO to these texts.

Adding keywords based on data analysis

Adding relevant keywords is the basis of SEO and better online findability. Therefore, find out what your target audience is searching for and write new and relevant content from these interests

Customize meta titles and descriptions

Meta titles are underrated but at the same time indispensable during content optimization. Without good meta titles, Google will ignore your page and you will remain untraceable.

Microcopy rewriting

Even though microcopy is small in size, it does take value. More often than not, microcopy can be found at call-to-actions or forms. It is targeted, short text that you use to provide an explanation to the action.

Remove unnecessary code

Many (mostly dated) websites contain unnecessary code. This code is then loaded in without actually being needed. You can find more about this on our Technical SEO page.

Customize URL structure

When using many different URLs, you would do well to have a good URL structure. Be concise but clear in your URL. A visitor should understand in a few words what the visited page includes.

Customize Alt texts

Alt text is often forgotten and that's a shame. Always compose an Alt text so that it describes the photo. Also make sure the keyword appears at least once in an Alt text. This is important for content optimization.

Internal links

In written content, always look for an opening to link through to a page on your website. This is how you keep visitors on your website. In addition, a good internal link structure is good for content optimization and search engine optimization.

Old content
is valuable

Don't throw away old shoes before you have a new pair. We all know this saying, and you can apply it seamlessly to content optimization. In fact, in many cases, your current content is already valuable. By making only small adjustments and adding value to this historical content, think of changing chapters or images, you will score high in the search engines even with your old content. So don't throw anything away and let us take a look at it.

Content writing as an ongoing process

Content creation, as mentioned above, is very time consuming. In fact, there is no maximum to writing content. So you really write as an ongoing process. 'But I can't think of any more topics for my website content.' Then try recycling a topic but now with an original angle. Why? You need to keep optimizing because your Web site has a purpose. A website is no longer just a well-formatted and digital business card. You want to get business out of your website, and rightly so. Content optimization is definitely going to help you with this.

Prefer to get started yourself? Use our SEO content checklist

Do you aspire to become a star in Search Engine Optimization? Then get started with our SEO Content Checklist. By checking off this checklist for your website, you can be sure that your website will gain results. Download the SEO Content Checklist using the button below!

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