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With WooCommerce, you are not dependent on standard designs. With a custom design, we make sure your customer knows their way around your WooCommerce web store intuitively, realize the fastest check-out flows and we make it easy or unnecessary for your customer to log in. It doesn’t matter if they are consumers or business customers; B2B and B2C users get the same experience! You can choose from standard woocommerce themes or a custom design. As WordPress specialists with custom websites, we don’t turn our hand to that. Indeed, custom = more UX and more conversion.

Easy to use

WooCommerce is used by millions of online stores worldwide. The main reason is the focus on usability. As a result, managing products and orders does not require a huge amount of knowledge. If you need additional functionality in your webshop, we can highly recommend the premium plugins. Often the demand also arises for specific functionalities or designs, our specialists are happy to help you create this to your liking.

Have Woocommerce webshop created

A converting sales channel

In addition to web design and developing custom WordPress web shops, we can also make sure your website is found well. In addition, our experts are ready to support you with Google Shopping, among other things, to ensure that the webshop converts as well as possible.

This is how we proceed

Having a webshop created: our approach

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Getting to know

Before we start building your WooCommerce webshop, we schedule a personal meeting with our WooCommerce specialists. During this session we ask questions, with the goal of getting to know your business and discovering your needs. This allows us to make clear agreements and ultimately achieve the best result.

Custom design

Your WooCommerce webshop will be customized, and that includes a custom design. Our designer gets to work designing the web shop based on the guidelines that emerged during the introduction. Once the design is ready, you will have a chance to look at it closely and pass on any feedback to us. We will then make adjustments until the design meets all your needs and we can move on to the next step.


Completely satisfied with the design of your WooCommerce webshop? Then now is the time for our developers to step up to the plate. They will develop all the desired functionalities, and integrate the webshop with the worldwide most chosen CMS: WordPress. In the meantime, you have the opportunity to view the WordPress webshop on the staging environment. You will receive a special login for this purpose. The advantage of a staging environment is that we can work on your WordPress webshop without interfering with the live website.

Links to other systems

We ensure that any other systems are properly linked to your new webshop. For example, we can create an API link with PostNL, for good cooperation between the webshop and the shipping party.

Place products

The web shop is now ready to be filled. Of course, we will help you get started with an explanation of the software. Then it’s time for you to dive into WooCommerce’s CMS and put your first product online. Once all questions have been asked and all products are on the new web shop, we move on to the next step.

Go live!

Congratulations, your WooCommerce webshop is ready! Time to link the webshop to your domain name. Now customers can visit your web shop and scroll through the different products. The only question that remains: which product will be sold first?

"With expertise, flexibility and high speed, 2manydots built our new webshop. They think along in the cooperation."
Jeremy Kesseler
Senior Marketer ,Broadcaster Brabant
Pawel Junior developer Sergey Senior developer Edwin Big boss

2manydots is your specialist

Do you have a question or request? Send us an e-mail and we’ll pick it up right away. That’s part of a fine collaboration. In addition, you are assured of the following when partnering with 2manydots:

Technically sound website

2manydots is an expert in WordPress: we are among the Top 3 WordPress agencies in the Netherlands and have more than 16 years of experience. You can rest assured that both the basis of your webshop and the additional custom solutions are technically sound.

Automatic maintenance

If you’ve had a WordPress webshop created, it’s important to keep it up-to-date. We take the updates of WordPress, WooCommerce and all plugins completely off your hands. This way, you don’t have to worry about this yourself and your shop will always function properly.

Always online

We use excellent hosting so your website will be online as good as ever. On rare occasions does something happen that causes the website to malfunction? Then we are ready to solve it with priority and your website will be back online in no time.

Benefits of WooCommerce

Affordable solution

Affordable solution

Besides the fact that the WooCommerce plugin is very easy to use, you don’t have to pay deeply for it either. In fact, the basics of the WooCommerce plugin are completely free. With these basics, you can already create a well-functioning web shop, and costs are only charged when you actually sell. If you only use bank transfer, then WooCommerce doesn’t even charge any fees at all. So you are not stuck with monthly fees. However, do you think bigger or have specific needs? Then you can extend your WooCommerce webshop completely to your liking with various premium plugins and extensions.

Own product management

Own product management

With WooCommerce, you have unlimited product control. This is nice because you can make adjustments yourself as your product changes. So having your products and orders managed is no longer necessary, as you simply do this yourself. The software is simply designed and is enjoyed immensely by most users.

Worldwide sales

Worldwide sales

WooCommerce is a complete e-commerce system that allows you to sell directly internationally. If you use WooCommerce’s own payment provider, then your customers from all over the world can checkout in more than 135 currencies. WooCommerce Payments offers support for credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. In addition, many local payment methods are supported, such as iDeal, which is very popular in the Netherlands. Our southern neighbors do not know this, but are happy to use Bancontact. A lot of other European countries prefer Sofort. No matter where your customers come from, there is always an appropriate payment method available within your WooCommerce webshop.

Well findable

Well findable

For good findability, it is important to build your web shop search engine friendly. A WordPress webshop lends itself perfectly to this, thanks to the possibilities with plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math. These applications make ranking in Google transparent and offer support in improving findability. Findability is so important because as many as 91% of Google users do not look beyond the first page. Thus, when your shop does not appear on the first page, it has many negative consequences for your findability.

Data insightful

Data insightful

Managing and optimizing your WordPress webshop is made a lot easier by the data reports built into WooCommerce by default. This allows you to see per product how many times it has sold, how many times it is sold on average per day and even how much is charged for shipping. Even when it’s time for the VAT return, WooCommerce is there for you. You simply select the quarter in question and immediately see a complete overview of the number of sales, share of VAT and net profit. Then you can download this data in CSV format.

Safe and fast

Safe and fast

For our customers who manage a WordPress webshop, it is very important that the webshop works quickly and, above all, is secure. That’s why we offer reliable hosting and always use a secure connection. In addition, WooCommerce never stores credit card information or other sensitive data. Your online store also benefits from the security of WordPress itself. More than 19.5 million websites worldwide use WordPress, and because of this, there is an absolute need to ensure that security is always of the highest level.

There are a few things you can do yourself to make sure your WordPress webshop is (and stays) secure. Choose a strong and unique password consisting of a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Do not use names, birthdays or other things that are easy to guess. The longer the password, the better. Then activate two-factor authentication (2FA) to give any intruders no chance. When 2FA is activated, every login must be confirmed from your cell phone. By the way, it is a huge recommendation to activate this everywhere, not just in WordPress.

Easily expand with additional features

Easily expand with additional features

Once your webshop is up and running, you may find that you are still missing functionalities. The nice thing about WooCommerce is that millions of WordPress web shops run on it, all of which have their own requirements and needs. Because of this, you don’t have to hire a WooCommerce specialist for customization that you pay a lot of money for. In fact, there is already a huge amount of plugins available that you can easily link to your own webshop.

Common plugins such as Jetpack offer additional features in security, performance, growth and design, with a free basic version and options for more extensive packages as they grow. There are many more extensions and add ons available for WooCommerce webshops that ensure that your webshop always meets your latest requirements and wishes, without having to have custom solutions created. Are you looking for WooCommerce web store extensions? Then take a look at the WooCommerce Extensions Store.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open source plugin for managing a webshop in WordPress. It is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions for WordPress websites and allows you to sell products, accept payments and manage shipments from within a WordPress website. With WooCommerce, you can easily set up a professional webshop without the need for specific technical knowledge. WooCommerce is tremendously user-friendly and offers many options for customization and integration with other tools and services.

Do you already have an existing website in WordPress? Then we can use the existing domain name and our hosting. In many cases, you can also adopt the corporate identity. However, if you start with a blank canvas, then of course this is not a problem. We will help you get off to the perfect start!

Frequently Asked Questions

have it built

Can I have a WordPress webshop built with you?

Yes, you can! We have years of experience with WordPress and WooCommerce. So you can have your new web shop designed with us. You can contact us here.

How much time does it take to build?

This depends entirely on the needs and requirements the web shop needs to meet. Realizing a relatively simple, custom webshop can take as little as 2 months. However, if you want to have a more elaborate WordPress webshop created, chances are it will take longer.

I already have a webshop. Can I transfer these?

You can have your existing WooCommerce webshop transferred to 2manydots so that we can take over its management. If desired, we can further develop your current webshop, for example by making it more search engine friendly or improving the web design.

How do I maintain my online store?

Here we can be brief: not. After all, this is what we do for you. We make sure WordPress, WooCommerce and all its plugins are always up to date. That way, you don’t have to worry about this and can take care of other things.

How do I improve the findability of my website?

There are several ways to make the website more findable. The two main ways are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA). We strongly believe in SEO, because every euro you put into this will keep getting results in the long run. However, it is important to maintain it properly to keep it working optimally. We sometimes compare websites to buildings for this reason: “virtual real estate” we say.

Is it entirely my property?

Yes, we develop and manage the webshop on your behalf. We take care of technology and updates. In addition, we do our best to keep you informed and advised about new developments in WordPress, WooCommerce and the Internet in general. You always remain the owner of the web shop and all the data associated with it.

Custom shop or website? We are here for you!

In addition to your WooCommerce webshop, have a custom website created for your business? You can! We are a professional WordPress party and specialize in developing websites for businesses and government agencies. Creating a recruitment website is also what we love to do!

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