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We are all about creating exceptional corporate websites. Our approach is unique: custom design is not just an option, it is our standard. We understand that your website is not just a digital business card, but rather an online tool that engages, informs and spurs your target audience to action. We create digital solutions that actually help your end user move forward. And we do all of this in-house, making every step of the process seamless and top quality.

At 2manydots, we combine the latest web technologies and performance with seamless CRM and marketing automation integrations for superior corporate websites. Our expertise in conversion optimization and lead generation, coupled with our accessible support after going live, results in more than 350 clients.


Make a difference with customization

Customization can make all the difference for a company looking to stand out from the competition. Customization involves adapting products, services or processes specifically to meet the needs of individual customers or organizations. So does a corporate website. With a corporate website, companies can be more responsive to the needs and demands of their customers and thus strengthen their competitive position. Customization allows companies to differentiate themselves from competitors who offer standard products or services and do not specifically target individual customer needs.

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WordPress integrations

WordPress integrations are invaluable when building a modern corporate website. With the right integrations, functionalities such as e-commerce, lead generation, content management and search engine optimization can be seamlessly integrated into your website. Moreover, WordPress offers a user-friendly and flexible CMS (Content Management System), allowing you to easily manage and update the content on your website yourself.

Our working method

There are a number of steps that must be taken to design, develop and deliver a good corporate website. Below we explain our method of working through various steps. After following these steps, your corporate website stands like a house!

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Introduction and Strategy

We enjoy getting to know our clients. We want to know everything about the organization, culture and services before we start working on a corporate website. It is also nice for you to get acquainted with 2manydots, we would like to tell you who we are. Then a strategy is created based on the goals you set.

Website design

During this step, our designer is in charge. Every organization has a unique corporate identity, and web design is an important factor in this. Our designer will make sure your corporate website matches that unique corporate identity. Are you of the opinion that your current corporate identity is not working and you want 180 degrees of change? No problem, our designer is happy to suggest a new corporate website design. During the process, you will always be in close contact with our designer.


After a round of corrections, your web design stands like a house. It is now up to our development team. They really turn the established web design into a corporate website. For example, you can add so-called hovers and motions to increase the user experience. Our development team also builds forms, tools and links to administrative systems. It makes your corporate website all that little bit more modern and attractive.

When developing a business website, we always consider the industry in which the organization operates and the target audience it wants to reach, in order to align and maintain the identity of the organization and the website.

Content and Copy

Your corporate website is finished! At least, the web design stands and the functions within your website also work properly. It’s just a little bare right now. Our Resultsmatter team is changing that. You can choose to fill your website with information about your company and its services, or you can take content a step further. Search Engine Optimization is then the answer.


The end is in sight. The established strategy was followed to perfection. The web design stands as a house. The technology of your corporate website is right on all sides and your corporate website is filled with top-notch content. High time to deliver this cool corporate website. Still find something not quite to your liking? Don’t hesitate and raise the alarm right away. We are happy to clear all your doubts.

Further development

Even after delivery, 2manydots remains closely involved with your corporate website. We promise to create a converting corporate website. So we keep track of exactly what our changes have done to the effectiveness of your corporate website. Are the number of orders, requests or visits going up? Then we are satisfied and show it through figures and substantiation.

350+ customers

Among other things, we work for

Be inspired by previous work

A corporate WordPress website is the most common type of website. 2manydots has already developed numerous of these clear corporate websites for both large and smaller clients. Here we describe cases from AMBER Alert Europe and Univers. 2manydots also developed a corporate site for these two clients.

AMBER Alert Europe

AMBER Alert Europe is an important foundation dedicated to helping missing or abducted children. To build a new corporate website, AMBER Alert Europe looked for a reliable partner and ended up with 2manydots. After determining the strategy, our designer went to work on the corporate identity and a wireframe was created to work with the foundation to achieve the ultimate goal. We also built a link that allows the alerts to be displayed on the website by default, since that is ultimately the goal of AMBER Alert Europe.


Univers’ website contains numerous news articles and content, but due to the abundance of content, the old website was not very user-friendly for both editors and visitors, especially on mobile devices. Now Univers features a new, streamlined backend that gives editors more flexibility, and unnecessary features have been removed for a faster, more secure experience. With anti-spam measures and customizable home page templates, the revamped site now offers a better experience for all.

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The cost of design & development

A corporate website is indispensable for any organization. With a corporate website, you highlight the most important thing your organization has to offer – your product or service. But what does the development of such a corporate website cost? As explained above, we provide customized corporate website development services. But to get a rough idea of the cost of designing and developing a corporate website, download this white paper.

What are corporate websites?

A corporate website is the online face of a company, provides important information and serves as a business card to reinforce the brand and build trust. It is a convenient place for anyone who wants to learn more about the company and its offerings.

What is a corporate website?

Providing information

A corporate website is a company’s official online presence. It is a website designed to provide information about the company and its products or services to the public, customers, partners, investors and other stakeholders.

Online visitation card

The corporate website acts as an online business card of the company and can contain different types of information, such as the company profile, company history, mission and vision, product and service information, news and press releases or contact information. A corporate Web site may also include information on career opportunities, investment opportunities and corporate governance.

Marketing tool

Corporate websites are also often used as a marketing tool to reinforce the company’s brand and attract potential customers. A corporate website is an important part of the company’s communication strategy. A corporate website helps build a positive image and gain the trust of stakeholders.

How can we help you?

Are you convinced of the decisiveness of a corporate website? Would you like a corporate website for your organization including web design, development and relevant content? Contact 2manydots today and have a no-obligation conversation with our team. We would love to help you with your new corporate website.

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