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Large business and government website

WordPress as a platform for

Large business, local and (state) government

We are more than a standard Internet agency; we are an experienced partner who thinks about important issues such as security, management and privacy. A party that understands that there may be multiple interests within departments or an organization. Our expertise includes ensuring digital accessibility, with compliance with WCAG guidelines and integrating accessibility features such as ReadSpeaker. We guarantee that your website will meet all requirements not only today, but also tomorrow.

Why WordPress is a good choice

WordPress distinguishes itself from enterprise content management systems by its ease of use and flexibility, combined with a cost-effective structure. It provides the required functionality for large organizations without the complexity and high cost of traditional enterprise systems. It also remains scalable for changing business needs without having to make a large financial investment.

Enterprise content management
  • High cost
  • Further development is slow
  • Cumbersome support organization
  • Consultants
  • Licensing costs (vendor lock-in).
WordPress content management
  • Cost-effective
  • Many features available by default
  • Quick helpdesk
  • Personal advice
  • Open-source (freedom of supplier)

WordPress website as a base

We are a WordPress driven marketing agency. WordPress is an excellent choice as a CMS for large businesses and government agencies, thanks in part to its strong focus on security, privacy and ease of use. It provides advanced security measures to protect sensitive data and enables organizations to manage their content efficiently and securely. Because of its usability and customizability, WordPress meets the specific needs of any organization while ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of information.

Choose WordPress experts

At 2manydots, you sit at the table with more than 17 years of experience; we are specialists in our field. Opinionated professionals with a clear vision and trained in listening to and analyzing our clients’ issues. We share your set of requirements with our developers and they get to work on your enterprise solution. Ready to take action together?

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Benefits of WordPress for large business, local and (state) government

Custom integration with business processes and applications

The behavior of your website visitors offers valuable insights. Our developers create the necessary XML and API integrations allowing your website to work seamlessly with external systems or business software. An example is a link that, via a form, puts incoming applications directly into your recruitment software. Conversely, this link can publish new jobs from your system immediately on the site.

User Management

One of the advantages of WordPress is complete user management. Give employees or teams the permissions associated with their job descriptions so they can manage their own part of your website. All actions of these users are logged. If a change is not to your liking, you can restore an earlier version of the website with the click of a button.

Multisite solutions

Does your organization have multiple locations, brands or product lines? With WordPress Multisite, you create multiple versions of your (partial) website, but simply manage these sites from one dashboard. The so-called subsites share functions with the other sites within the network: user management, plugins and media.

Multilingual site

Conquering a new market is quite possible with this CMS. A WordPress installation defaults to one main language, but is expandable to other languages. Of course, we can make content-specific adjustments for each country or language. Thanks to the GeoIP feature or some other source, the visitor gets to see the correct version of your website without having to click on a flag.

Additional SLA capabilities with guarantees

Our comprehensive SLAs (Service Level Agreements) guarantee customized service. You choose the SLA level you want, which lets you know where you stand. For example, choose 24-hour accessibility and prompt service. Our SLAs allow you to communicate to customers within what time period a problem is resolved.

No licensing fees or vendor lock-in

With WordPress, there is no vendor lock-in, where you are stuck with a particular software license. As a client, you take full ownership of your website and transfer to another party more easily. There are many WordPress agencies, but few are specialists like 2manydots.

Enterprise-grade server platform

For hosting and support, we work with specialized strategy partners. From those WordPress-specific solutions, you reap the benefits. Consider opportunities for:

  • Private Managed VPSs
  • Super fast NGINX operating system
  • Possibility of PHP7 and PHP8 configurations
  • SSD storage
  • Offload capability for media files to AWS S3 Bucket
  • CDN, CORS, HSTS, load balancing capabilities

How can we help you?

With us, security and privacy is paramount, especially when it comes to large business and government websites. We are experts in building websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meet the highest standards of safety and security. Our specialized approach ensures that your site is protected from digital threats, while closely maintaining privacy and security.

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