2manydots is a specialist in converting work-at-home websites. We believe that in a continuous process of measuring and improving, we have the best chance for online success! On this page you can read what elements a good work at website should contain and why it is indispensable for your business.

Regular website
  • Focus on new customers
  • Optimized for lead generation
  • Unclear role as an employer
  • Loose vacancy texts
  • Management by marketing/communications
Working with us website
  • Focus on employer branding
  • Optimized for online recruitment
  • Clear added value as an employer
  • Linked HR system (ATS)
  • Management by human resources/P&O

What is a work-at-home website?

If you have multiple job openings to fill, a regular Web site often won't get you there. A work-at-home site, unlike a corporate website, focuses on finding and enticing new colleagues. Where commercial websites focus on lead generation with the customer journey, the work-at-home website focuses 100% on attracting future colleagues. A separate work-by website is specifically for job seekers. Job openings, employer awareness, showcasing company culture and highlighting fringe benefits helps online recruitment. This results in more applicants, new colleagues and long-term employable staff.

The benefits of having a work-at-home site created

Is it really necessary to build a work-at-home site if you already have a good corporate website? A job site really focuses on the potential applicants so it does add value to your company.


Room for experience

Potential employees want to know where they will end up. Does the company align with the principles they stand for? With a recruitment website you can answer this question by creating an experience. Think about storytelling and transparency. For example, tell about the journey the company has taken so far or let an experienced employee have a say. With this you give a real insight into the company and you strike a big blow in the field of employer branding. Show that you are an attractive employer!

In addition, you have space for some more domestic communications. For example, what are the career opportunities? Is there a company culture? What is the application process like? What are the terms of employment? Tell as much as you can!


Find the right candidate faster

With a work-at-home site, the HR department can, if desired, manage the website independently. Your HR department is immediately in contact with potential employees which ensures shorter lines of communication and an accelerated application process. By having a comprehensive work-by website with various categorized vacancies, the chance of relevant applicants and suitable candidates increases significantly.


Integration with your ATS system

Many job applications can lead to a lot of administrative work. To take this work off the hands of your HR department, you can integrate various links with ATS systems. With these links, all information from the job applications is sent directly to your HR software without any human intervention. Vice versa, this also applies. When an HR employee creates a vacancy in the HR software, the vacancy is immediately transferred to the work at site via the link. This saves time and prevents errors. In addition, you no longer process personal data on the site, which is better in view of privacy laws and regulations. A number of examples of links with ATS systems are given below.

We have already realized these ATS links


Curious about the possibilities for your organization?

We know the importance of a good recruitment website, for both the HR manager and the marketing manager. Your knowledge combined with our years of experience with WordPress websites and ATS links ensure a good result. Want to know more? Contact us, we are ready for you!

Always a custom WordPress website

Whether you use an ATS system or not, having work-at-home websites created is a good idea in many cases. You really create a signboard for your HR department that they can always fall back on and go even deeper into what your company stands for and where you want to go. With years of experience in creating sleek and informative work-at-home websites, we know exactly what a work-at-home site needs to meet. Our WordPress websites are always customized and custom made.

Here's what to expect at 2manydots
01 Design

A work-at-home site should be completely tailored to your corporate identity and target audiences. Therefore, always stick to the chosen house style. The quickest way to create this is with a custom design. Your work-at-home website must be unmistakably connected to the corporate website. Our web designers take this into account and will work to create one whole.

02 Vacancy Management

No ATS? No problem. You can also manage everything directly from WordPress. We make the application process automated and your applications arrive directly to the desired person. This takes an awful lot of work off the hands of the HR department. This allows them to focus on recruiting new employees and other important activities. We try to unburden them as much as possible.

03 Feeds & structured data

With feeds and structured data, you automatically push jobs to job platforms, such as InGoedeBanen or Google Jobs. In many cases, these are platforms where a potential applicant looking for a new job searches for open jobs. By pushing your job posting on these platforms, you gain additional exposure, significantly increasing the chances of many new applicants.

04 AVG-proof

Privacy is gaining prominence on our wish list. Without safeguarding the privacy of job applicants, the potential client in question is often already looking a door away. A good work-for-hire website is therefore AVG-proof, including a cookie notification that you can set as you wish. This way you can be sure that you are not putting your employees' privacy at risk.

05 Customization options

Your work-at-home site must stand out from competitors. After all, you want to win that "war for talent. By applying customization, you create a distinguishing factor to your website. 2manydots, with its years of experience in building work-at-home sites, is flexible enough to apply all possible customizations. Therefore, do not be shy to communicate all your wishes, even when you think it is impossible.

06 Mobile friendly

Mobile is the new normal. The rise in mobile users continues to increase every year. Job seekers also browse work-by sites and job platforms on their mobile devices. That is why we make sure that every work-by website we create is suitable for mobile use.

Employer branding is more than job posting.
Photo Edwin van der Maas, general manager

6 helpful tips for the best recruitment website

You now know what a work-at-home website has to comply with and why a work-at-home site works with bringing in relevant applicants from the right target group. Now we will give you some useful tips to ensure that your future job site will meet all applicant requirements.

1. Focus on candidate experience

A nice work-for-hire website is a good calling card, but talents need to find your work-for-hire website. Make sure the customer journey of your future applicants is optimal. By taking into account the UX and UI of your website, you share the ideal user experience with your website visitors.

2. Secure personal data of job applicants

The AVG legislation requires companies and organizations to handle personal data with care. Applicants' CVs are full of this data. We ensure correct processing in line with the AVG.

3. Space for open application

On your website, also give attention to the candidates for whom you do not currently have a suitable vacancy. Make sure it is also possible to send an open application. Who knows, maybe your wishes will fit together seamlessly and you will attract a new talent.

4. To measure is to know

Where are your applicants coming from? What information do they click on? And where do they drop out while filling out your application form? You can find out a lot of information from your website users. Measuring is knowing. Use these insights to further improve your website and measure your conversions (job applications).

5. Labor market marketing

Promote and optimize your work-at-home website like the colleagues at marketing. Marketing like search engine optimization, online advertising and content optimization are among the possibilities.

6. Write in an active form

With the vast array of job postings, job seekers prefer to get "to the point" as quickly as possible. Therefore, don't bore your future employees with endless texts. Write in active form, so that your (job) vacancy texts are a quick read.

Some examples of our work

From companies to foundations and government agencies, online recruitment is of interest to every employer. Curious about what we have done before? Read our success stories!

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Want to know all about recruitment, becoming a strong employer brand and what information to put on your work-at-home site? Then download our Recruitment Checklist on Employer Branding and keep your practices next to it. There are bound to be things you haven't considered but which are very important.

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