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Photo Written by Gijs de Rooij

The fact that in 2022 we can no longer do without data should no longer be a secret. Important decisions that can have major consequences for companies are made on data alone. But what if that important data is not made transparent at all without you noticing it?

The use of Analytics is golden for analyzing visitors in websites. To make the analysis as good as possible, cookies are placed. A disadvantage of these cookies is the limited insight into data when the cookies are not consented to. This leads to insurmountable data loss so you can't see all the relevant data.

Behavioral modeling
Google, however, refused to resign itself to the insurmountability of this issue. Indeed, it proved once again that technology stood for nothing and now the world's most used search engine has come up with a solution; behavioral modeling for permission mode. Google Analytics applies Artificial Intelligence in order to estimate visitor behavior based on the behavior of similar users who do accept cookies. 

Do not, however, rejoice too soon. This revelation is not available for every website. Because this piece of technology involves comparison, sufficient web traffic is needed to get a reliable picture. It is for this reason that Google has established a set of requirements to apply behavioral modeling for permission mode.

  • Permission mode is turned on for all pages of your website
  • Minimum of 1,000 daily events for at least 7 days
  • At least 1000 daily users sending events with analytics_storage='granted for at least 7 days

So at the moment this new feature is mainly helpful for the somewhat larger websites with more visitors. Whether this will also be made available to smaller websites in the future is still anyone's guess. But they prove once again that Google is not sitting still.

Are you unsure if your company meets the requirements? Then call in 2manydots. We will then look at the possibilities together with you.

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