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Written by Finn Ruijter, 04 January 2022

What are your good marketing resolutions for 2022?

A new year brings new opportunities. And you increase those chances by setting goals. Good intentions, but with a plan. As a marketing professional, you may already have an idea of the focus areas for 2022, but lack concrete plans. With this blog post, we will give you ideas, based on the latest trends in online marketing, among other things.

Note: A plan is most likely to succeed if you make it SMART. That acronym stands for (translated) specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. So once you find an appropriate theme below, think about how to make such a good intention concrete.

Spending less

Should you get by on the same or even a smaller marketing budget in 2022? One of the things you can cut costs on is online advertising. If you do SEA, for example, you can identify the best converting search terms and focus your SEO efforts on those very terms. A higher organic ranking in search engines like Google gives you “free” visitors and a higher quality score for that search. So investing in SEO will save you a lot of money.

Outsourcing your digital marketing can also save money. You then deploy only the marketing specialists you need at any given time. For example, consider a strategist when you are going to set the marketing strategy, a copywriter when it is time to produce content, and a conversion specialist to maximize your online results. Often you can employ such a complete team for less than 1 FTE.

And if you’re still using print and merchandising, now is a good time to rethink those “old-fashioned” promotional materials.

Learn more

There is only one constant in the online world, and that is change. Therefore, to stay relevant, as individuals and as organizations, it is important to keep up with those changes. Reading (online) journals and tech news will get you a long way, but sometimes a course or workshop is a good idea.

As an online marketing professional, you benefit from HTML knowledge anyway. This is immediately a good introduction to the world of programming languages. But maybe you’d rather learn about blockchains or artificial intelligence (AI). There are all kinds of online platforms on which to do so, ranging from Coursera to Codecademy.

Currently, seminars and trade shows are still mostly online. You miss out on the face-to-face networking by doing so, but at the same time you save time: on traveling, running around until the next presentation starts, and so on. Often the online versions of scholarships are also much more affordable or even free.

Increase conversion

To increase your conversion rate, you will need to measure it first. Often it does, but could be better. After all, there are so many things you can measure: newsletter signups, clicks from your newsletter to your website, number of times the chat window is opened, and so on. Take another good look at your KPIs and determine which metrics can be indicators of them.

The success of your conversions can be in all sorts of small details: the quality of your content, user experience, mobile-friendliness (see below) and social proof. In a previous blog post, we gave you tips for conversion optimization in 2022.

Writing better content

Inform, entertain or even enchant new visitors? You don’t do that with dry content full of spelling mistakes. That requires good texts. Texts that answer visitor’s questions and demonstrate your expertise. Content that is understandable and does not beat around the bush.

The only question is: Will you write those texts yourself or will you call in outside help for that? If you lack the time or creativity to produce content, hire a copywriter. The good news is: 2manydots’ copywriters are available to clients like you, too.

Increase mobile-friendliness

More and more people are grabbing their smartphones to search for information. Depending on the industry, some 60 to 80 percent of visitors access a website on mobile. This share is still growing. If your website is not mobile first, you are falling behind. But even if it is already designed for mobile visitors, periodic testing is a good idea.

Not only visitors like a site that loads quickly on mobile and is easy to read. Google also rewards you for it. Or, rather, Google may rank you lower if you are not mobile-friendly. Last summer’s Page Experience update pays particular attention to the loading speed and security of mobile Web sites.

Doing more with videos

Visitors have an insatiable appetite when it comes to video content. That trend is only going to continue. The generation of people who grew up on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok is now entering the job market. These will be your potential customers.

Short videos give these consumers and professionals what they want: as much information as quickly as possible. Except that the barrier to video creation is high for many companies. Because who should become your talking head? And how do you make those videos look professional? Do you have any topics at all to make videos about? Piece by piece objections that you must get over in order to be innovative and remarkable.

Videos can be stand-alone content, but you can also combine them with text just fine. Adding a video to text keeps visitors “lingering” on a page longer, signaling to Google that you are providing valuable content. And you notice that in the long run in search engine rankings.

Anticipate new trends

One of the secrets to success is speed. Being the first at something. To achieve that, you have to have vision. Anticipate and dare to invest in something that now seems like the future.
One tool you can use to see what Internet users are searching for is Google Trends. Type in a specific keyword or view a particular category to see how searches have evolved over time. You know what they say: past results do not guarantee the future. But if the line keeps rising as it does, you have a possible winner on your hands.