Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 04 January 2017

How do I convince my employer that I need a new site?

Your website is underperforming and your boss is charging you for it. So you think the company needs a new site, but already hear your employer’s voice in the back of your mind: why a website? We give ironclad tips that will simply convince the boss.

It stands beautiful and is found by the few people who refer you to it, but you cannot speak of a real marketing machine. And you will be charged for that at the end. After all, you are responsible for online visibility. High time, then, to sound the alarm.

Why a website? Well, here’s why!

You are responsible for online marketing and communications. This means you will be judged on results. Therefore, dare to start the conversation about a new website. To the guaranteed question, “why a website?” you can use these answers as an argument to your employer:

  • The current site is poorly manageable. As a result, I spend too much time adjusting little things.
  • We get low conversion from the website while an optimized one can work as an extra marketing boost.
  • We are poorly findable online while all kinds of techniques exist to improve this. For example, it helps when you work with WordPress, the website is mobile-friendly, has an SSL certificate and fast load times.
  • We have only a low number of visitors partly because the website is poorly findable. Nor does it help that we have difficulty creating optimized landing pages in efforts around ads.
  • I can’t see the forest for the trees. The website is out of date and needs a hefty restyling to match the current business operations again.

You will be judged for poor online results. Therefore, dare to start the conversation about a new website.

Convince in the conversation

Prepare well for the interview. What elements are you missing in the website now and what do you need to improve it? You know best what it takes to convince the target audience to get more success out of the website. Collect these points and also immediately suggest suitable solutions.

Prepare well for the interview. What elements are you missing in the website now and what do you need to improve it?

Choose the best time

One way you can bring up the subject of a new website is during your performance review. That way, you can tie it to the accomplishments you want to achieve, but don’t have the opportunity to with the current website. Another appropriate time may occur when you set joint marketing goals. You can then also possibly bring it as a team when the marketing department is bigger than you alone.

A modern site

A fresh and modern site is more in line with current business operations and thus with the target audience. In addition, it is automatically better found because of the latest technical gadgets. The site is mobile-friendly, pages can be built from separate elements so that each landing page perfectly matches the specific goals, and the website is easy to keep up to date, making updates faster and Google appreciates timeliness. Moreover, a new website will not only benefit you: it will generate more requests which will also benefit your colleagues.

A new website brings more inquiries. This benefits your entire business.

Smart time investment

Of course, it takes time to convert the current website to a new one. A lot of thought should go into what pages you keep, which ones will be added, what the content will be and how everything should come together. But once the basics are in place, it will save you more and more time on a daily basis. Indeed, mainly with a WordPress website, it becomes a breeze to keep the website up to date.

With WordPress, keeping the website up to date is a breeze

Better valuation, more growth potential

The last reason you guys need a new website? A website offers better customer appreciation and more growth potential. With the latter argument, the employer certainly can no longer avoid an interview.

When your employer recognizes the need for a new website, we would like to hear what your needs and requirements are. You describe these in a website brief, leaving nothing to chance. As specialists in websites that convert, we then like to tell you how we are going to help you achieve online success. Here you will find success stories from our clients.