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Written by Driek van der Stam, 08 November 2023

The advantages and disadvantages of Cookiebot

If your website places cookies on visitors, you will need to obtain permission from visitors. The Cookiebot tool automates that process. The tool first asks for permission and only places cookies once the user has agreed.

Cookiebot looks at what cookies your site sets based on a monthly scan and classifies them into four categories:

  • Preferences
  • Marketing Cookies
  • Analytical cookies
  • Functional cookies

Visitors can then choose which categories of cookies to allow. Only the necessary (functional) cookies are required for your website to work.

Benefits of Cookiebot

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in 2018. For a variety of reasons, there are websites that do not yet comply with the guidelines and thus risk a fine. 2manydots has been proactively approaching and informing these companies since 2017. Privacy is important and concerns us all. Even if you have nothing to hide. Therefore, we believe that the advantages of Cookiebot outweigh the disadvantages. Cookiebot is therefore our preference in most cases!

AVG compliance

With Cookiebot, you take a big step toward AVG-proofing your website. In full compliance with the law, your site provides more information on the use of cookies. We also call this a cookie warning. Indeed, it offers visitors the option of accepting or not accepting certain cookies.

Cookiebot consent banner. The advantages and disadvantages of cookiebot

Opt-in management

Thanks to Cookiebot, you give users the choice of which cookies to allow and which not to allow. This increases the user’s influence and gives control over their privacy. Returning visitors on the same device no longer receive this cookie notification because they previously expressed their preference.

Cookiebot optin manager. The advantages and disadvantages of cookiebot

Consent to cookies with Cookiebot

Cookiebot works completely automatically and is low maintenance. In the background, this cloud software does its work. Should this software issue a warning or require an adjustment, 2manydots will consult with you.

Current overview of cookies placed

Depending on the WordPress plugins and applications your site uses, certain cookies may or may not be required. An update to such an application can cause the cookie list to change. Organizations are required by law to publish a current summary. Cookiebot scans your site monthly to update that list. This saves a lot of time and prevents the list from being out of date.

Cookiebot actueel cookie scanner 2048x1376 1. The advantages and disadvantages of cookiebot

Multilingual support

Cookiebot supports over 40 languages. This makes it the tool of choice for organizations operating in multiple countries.

Encrypted data transfer

Cookiebot works with secure and encrypted data transfer for both consent registration (consents opt-in) and the setting of cookies themselves.

Disadvantage of Cookiebot

2manydots loves transparency. We want to provide our clients with the best possible advice so that they can make an informed choice. Therefore, we would also like to briefly touch on the disadvantages.

Periodic costs

Cookiebot is not free. With a whole team of developers, they provide software updates, perform periodic scans and take care of opt-in registration. The cost of this service is passed on. Depending on the size of the website (the number of pages), you pay €12 per month or more.