Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 23 January 2024

This is 2manydots in a brand new look ✨

We have not been idle. On the contrary, we worked hard behind the scenes to create something special. This is us in a completely new look. With a fresh, modern look and a renewed focus, we are ready to take on new challenges. We are very excited to share this new chapter with you and continue to build our renewed brand together!

As online pacesetters, we strive to add value for our clients. In fact, we feel challenged to do a little better every day. Indeed, by being observant of improvement opportunities and flexible in realizing them, we not only grow as individuals, but also help our customers grow. So our slogan is, “Together toward growth.

2manydots gif2. This is 2manydots in a brand new look ✨

When you manage to form a culture of openness and equality, with genuine consideration for each other, you really come into your own. A pleasant, transparent process and pleasant dealings, this is central to our approach. By making this level of attention and attentiveness the most important condition, you are able to rise above yourself to achieve maximum results.

Our character is reflected in our style

2manydots has changed a lot in the past year. Our team has doubled in size, we have opened the doors of our brand new office in Warsaw and our client base has expanded significantly with fantastic new clients. With our enthusiastic and vibrant team, we want this breath of fresh air to be visible on our website and in all our communications. We are excited to share these changes with you.

We are also making great strides toward greater openness and transparency to our customers. A key element in this is our customer portal. This platform connects all of our internal systems and provides complete visibility into everything we do. This means questions are answered faster, or even become redundant. We are focused on making your experience smoother and more transparent.

Logo preview edit 2. This is 2manydots in a brand new look ✨

“We realized for some time that the old style no longer matched who we are as a team. As a young and fun team, we thoroughly enjoy creating cool projects for our clients.

So we tied the knot and began a complete rebranding. We developed something special with all the team and Studio Debuut that really reflects who we are. With this new look, we can move forward for years and we want to become the #1 WordPress partner in the Netherlands, which you can’t but don’t want to ignore.”

Finn Ruijter

“For some time it had been bubbling. We had experienced tremendous growth with 2manydots over the past year and a half, but our look no longer matched what we were, what we felt. Something had to be done! At the initiative of the team, we brought Studio Debuut on board, because you should never want to do a rebranding by yourself. After several sessions, we have a completely new strategy including rebranding as a fantastic result. We enter our 18th year with a fresh, new look – in which we all recognize ourselves again.”

Edwin van der Maas

Logo with indications high res. This is 2manydots in a brand new look ✨

1. The logo was designed with legibility, playfulness and friendliness in mind. The “loop” in the 2 represents thoughtful handling, flexibility and the ambition to do better every day to add a piece of value.

2. The logo consists of italicized small
letters to give it a sense of movement. The round letter shapes and loops in the logo create a sense of enthusiasm.

3. The connection between the letters ‘o’ and ‘t’ symbolizes the commitment to work together
to grow, which is reinforced with forward motion by the extended arm of the letter ‘t’.

Who we are

For medium to large companies, we are the full-service partner in the field of websites and online marketing. 2manydots designs websites, develops custom solutions, outlines your online strategy and makes sure your target audience finds you flawlessly.

In addition, we like to grow together. Therefore, we believe that the key to growth is in thoughtfulness. Even more than a value, this is a character trait we possess. We are all too happy to hang out with our clients, both during and outside of work. This ensures that we can always go that extra mile and really get to know them, looking for improvement opportunities. Creative and solution-oriented.We anticipate rather than react.

As creative thinkers and doers you can rely on, we like to think along with you by proposing and developing creative solutions. In everything we do, we take WordPress as our user-friendly base. We do not shy away from integration with external systems, business hosting, multilingualism or multisite solutions. For us, the sky is the limit, so we have to be creative.

2manydots gif1. This is 2manydots in a brand new look ✨

In the coming years, we are going for healthy growth. For our clients, but also for us as a team and company. We want to achieve online results using WordPress as a foundation. By being attentive to digital improvement opportunities and remaining flexible in realization. Enjoying your work is the basis for growing together. And we are going for that with full conviction!