Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 22 February 2021

What does a WordPress website cost?

Once you tie the knot to go for a new website, there are a lot of choices ahead. For example, you need to look for a suitable web builder. It is also important to determine what is important in the new website. This raises all sorts of questions: what house style and functionalities should the website have, and how does it actually work with hosting and security? Last but not least, what does it all cost? The cost of a Web site depends on many different factors. Having a new, professional website built is a big investment. So it’s good to familiarize yourself with the costs in order to make informed choices.

Often companies or organizations see the Web site as “something for the side. A shame, we think. After all, a good website can bring in many more customers. It can also automate all kinds of processes, reducing pressure on customer service, for example. For example, a website can provide support to a marketing or sales team. Keep in mind that a well-functioning website can yield more than you initially think. This is not going to be easy for many companies and organizations. A future-proof website with good results takes time, energy and therefore money.

Standard versus customization

A standard WordPress theme is obviously much cheaper than a custom website. Therefore, it is important to determine what is important to you. For most large organizations, customization is required to make a Web site secure and working properly. A custom WordPress website has many advantages. It not only provides a unique design that fits your organization. It also offers a variety of custom solutions in the areas of security, system links, privacy and digital accessibility. In addition, customization offers the opportunity to optimize loading speed.

Is it hard to determine what you think is important in a new website? Read our comprehensive white paper “what does a website cost?”: About the complete process from idea to going live and the costs involved in having a new website built.

The complete process

The process from idea to going live of a new website is long and often complex. Therefore, choose a transparent partner that provides advice and has experience with this type of large project. After you’ve decided to have a new website built and put some of your needs and requirements into a website briefing, it’s time to approach potential partners. Get advice and compare quotes to make the right choice.

The complete process takes time. Depending on the complexity, and thus the number of hours of work, it can take weeks or months.

A fluid process then proceeds like this:

  • Kick-off of the project: introduction and plan of action.
  • Design phase: Project managers and designers get to work on planning and initial design.
  • Design Demo: The first design is presented.
  • Create other designs: Feedback will be processed and templates created.
  • Development Phase: After approval, the developers start building the design.
  • Testing phase: The website is tested for important issues such as loading speed, security and privacy.
  • Instruction of the backend: You will learn how the backend works and test the new website.
  • Content migration: Migrating content from the old to the new website.
  • Relocation plan: Creating a concrete plan for going live.
  • You are live! The beginning of further development and optimization of the new website.

Price Indication

The price of the website depends on its complexity. In general, we can say that having a professional WordPress website built is possible from 8000 euros. Consider how much value you place on online and what you want to get back from a new website. Set a realistic budget for this purpose. If the website needs to be optimized for specific marketing goals, the price will be higher. There are also a number of fixed costs that you should consider, such as for hosting, the domain name, maintenance and for analysis software. Also, it just depends on how much time you can and want to put into the website yourself.

Website costs: tax deduction

A new website is an investment in your image, customer relationships and sales. The idea is that, directly or indirectly, you will make more profit from it. (At 2manydots, by the way, this is not just an idea, but a rock-solid plan.)

The IRS also considers a website an investment. You are therefore allowed, under certain conditions, to report 28% of the expenses on your annual profit return. You reduce your profits with it, resulting in lower taxes. This tax benefit can be quite substantial, so it’s worth discussing this option with your accountant.

Download our white paper

The big question is: what will the complete project cost? To better understand the total cost, we wrote a detailed explanation. With this white paper, we’ll help you get started so you don’t have any financial surprises. The purpose of the white paper is to provide insight into the investment you will be making. Transparency is very important in such a project. In fact, there is more to building a new WordPress website than you might think. Ultimately, this investment should start to pay off in a professional, converting website.

Also remember: price does not say everything. Find the best match in terms of partner and go for transparency. Not only the cost is important, but certainly also expertise, service and the click you have with an Internet marketing agency. Want to know more about website costs? In the whitepaper, we tell you all about price estimation, what you should look out for in this process, and we provide tips for comparing quotes.