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More online sales for Alcohol-Free Beer House

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Project Resultsmatter®
Client Alcohol Free Beer House
Sector Retail
Online visibility +26%


Selling more products by ranking higher in Google is what Alcohol Free Beer House was looking for. Why? A higher position in Google's search results essential to generate more visibility, attract potential customers and simply sell more products.


Getting Alcohol Free Beer House to rank higher in the search engines can be a challenging task, especially because of stiff competition from supermarkets such as Albert Heijn and Jumbo. It requires understanding SEO strategies and techniques, such as technically optimizing the website, creating high-quality content and building quality backlinks.


2manydots has expert knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and can develop strategies to optimize the website. A thorough 0-masurement was the starting point of our approach, followed by a technical audit, a comprehensive research on exactly which keywords the target audience searches for and where the opportunities lie for new landing pages.


Through technical improvements to the website, search engines can now "read" it better. Together with a completely redesigned URL structure and the use of link building, this has improved search engine optimization. By focusing on specific categories, we were able to improve our position step by step, each time with a clear focus on one specific topic. Regular meetings and reports ensure efficient communication and flexibility in our approach.

26 %
Organic growth in 1 year
33 +
number 1 positions
78 +
Top #3 positions
32 %
Revenue growth


The results of the Resultsmatter® process speak for themselves. Within a year, online visibility increased by an impressive 26%. As a result of the Resultsmatter® trajectory, no fewer than 33 No. 1 positions have been achieved. But that's not all, because we also managed to place 78 search terms in the top three of the Google rankings! Visibility has increased, conversions have increased, which has allowed us to reduce the cost of Google Ads.

Key keywords

Key keywords of Alcohol-Free Beer House are seeing significant improvements in search results. 'Alcohol-free specialty beer' has reached the top spot from position #12, 'Alcohol-free beer' has risen to position #2 from #11, and 'German alcohol-free beer' has even climbed to the top position #1 from position #17. However, that does not mean we are done. The project continues and we continue to optimize the website for even greater online visibility!

2manydots helped us in an area that we thought we could do all by ourselves. After a year we decided to leave SEO to Edwin and his team. Meanwhile, our website scores better than many competitors and we save significantly on our Google Ads costs. We look forward to strengthening our cooperation in the coming years.
Robin Damen
Owner,Alcohol Free Beer House