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AMBER Alert Europe

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AMBER Alert Europe

Information platform for AMBER Alert Europe

Makes a case for missing children

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AMBER Alert Europe is a foundation that advocates for missing or abducted children. This important European foundation aims to create a safe environment for children. With alerts, they notify entire populations about missing children. AMBER Alert Europe was looking for a partner to build a completely new website. In this search, the foundation came across 2manydots. We are now a proud partner of this important foundation.


We started working with the AMBER Alert Europe website. To make the website recognizable and user-friendly, we tackled the entire branding around the website. Also, AMBER Alert Europe put out a request to us whether alerts could be displayed immediately on the website to support the search for missing children.


In 2008, in collaboration between Netpresenter B.V. (activities later acquired by the AMBER Alert Europe Foundation), the Public Ministry and the Police Netherlands, the AMBER Alert as a missing-child alert was launched in the Netherlands. With a reach of more than 12 million Dutch people, the AMBER Alert quickly became a household name. As of the end of 2021, the AMBER Alert Europe Foundation has transferred the AMBER Alert to the Dutch Police. However, AMBER Alert Europe remains strongly committed to missing children. A clear and user-friendly website was needed to keep this going.


AMBER Alert Europe ultimately revolves around alerts of missing children. We have built a link for this that allows alerts, when a child disappears, to be displayed immediately on the website. These alerts contain detailed descriptions of the missing children, which should help find them. In addition, our designer clearly highlighted the chosen corporate identity, making the website very clear.


Before our designer got to work on the design of the website, the strategy around the target audience and various objectives were carefully determined in consultation with AMBER Alert Europe. Based on these choices, a wireframe was created by 2manydots to work with the client to achieve a suitable result. After agreeing on the style direction, the wireframe was visualized into a full-fledged design which was finally realized by our developers.

Clear explanations, great support, top-notch designs and also a great team to work with. What more could you wish for?
Julie Bellinkx
Head of Unit,Amber Alert Europe Foundation