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AVIA Netherlands

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Project Lead-generating website
Opdrachtgever AVIA Netherlands
Sector Fuel and lubricating oil

AVIA is marketing itself as the most customer-friendly gas station in the Netherlands. Therefore, the application process for fuel cards needed to be less complicated. The company also wanted to provide a better overview of its gas stations.

Import petrol stations 300+


AVIA consists of members, each covering a region of the Netherlands. The initial demand for a streamlined fuel card application process came from one member: Vollenhoven Oil. After successful completion of that project, the umbrella AVIA asked to roll out this solution nationwide. AVIA also wanted to make it easier for its fuel card holders to find gas stations nearby (or on the road).


AVIA’s fuel cards allow individuals and especially businesses to pay for their fuel quickly and easily. To apply for a fuel card, customers had to fill out forms manually and attach copies of driver’s licenses and IDs. It could take weeks for customers to receive their fuel cards.


For fuel card applications, we built a clear website without distractions, with a form that partially fills itself in. With that, we help visitors to complete their application. Searching for a nearby gas station has also become easier: new AVIA site detects the user’s location and displays relevant information of the nearest pumps.


The new website contains many flexible sections with extensive functionalities. This makes it possible to retrieve relevant content on every page. In addition, the website is well optimized, so it loads quickly.

  • Overarching website for AVIA
  • Separate, clear website for fuel card application
  • Form completes data thanks to link KVK database
  • Sharp rise in online fuel card applications
2manydots drew up a project with clear milestones and completion dates. For questions or comments, I could always contact Kylie. And if something wasn't right, an email to the support department provided a quick fix.
Soumaya Ihsane
Marketing & Sales Support Team Leader,AVIA