Ikbeneenbrabander.nl is a webshop for proud Brabanders. Omroep Brabant has created this brand to 'load' Brabanderschap. They do this with merchandise from the province of the same name. From carnival packages to rompers and bath towels, you buy it at Ikbeneenbrabander.nl. Omroep Brabant has been running the online shop 'Ik Ben Een Brabander', created by 2manydots, since January 2023.


Articles for proud Brabanders

Project Webshop
Client Omroep Brabant Advertising
Sector Provincial products


The webshop Ikbeneenbrabander.nl already existed, but it was very outdated and no longer met the requirements of today's webshops. To 2manydots the question to create a renewed look and feel where ease of use and the Brabander articles are paramount.


Creating experience is essential for a web shop to increase conversion. The old version of Ikbeneenbrabander.nl had little experience. That had to be added by staying close to the warm feeling of Brabant with a recognizable corporate identity. Our designer took up the challenge in collaboration with team development. A link also had to be made with a partner who realizes the stock management and smooth shipment of products.



To create experience, we created motions with different icons and images. Adding motions makes the visuals move. Intuitive colors were also added to the webshop.

In addition, several facets have been added to increase the usability of the Web shop. For example, the user can leave an e-mail address when an item is sold out. When this item is back in stock, the user receives a notification. In addition, payments now go through Buckaroo, allowing visitors to pay with iDeal and a standard search function has been added.



WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that turns your website into a webshop. WooCommerce offers many functionalities that are important for a webshop, such as managing products, orders and payments. WooCommerce is SEO friendly and thus helps with the online findability of a webshop. The webshop Ikbeneenbrabander.nl is a WooCommerce webshop.

"With expertise, flexibility and high speed, 2manydots built our new web shop. They think along in the cooperation."

Photo Jeremy Kesseler, Senior Marketer at Omroep Brabant