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Lowan supports newcomers to Dutch education

Project Corporate website
Client Lowan Foundation
Sector Education

LOWAN supports newcomers to education, for example immigrants and people seeking asylum. LOWAN offers tips, teaching materials and financial support for vulnerable students, for example.

Migration pages 150+


LOWAN wanted to be able to make the website user-friendly again and improve the SEO technique. The challenge here was to maintain LOWAN's organic findability. The previous website, also built by 2manydots, contained a lot of content that could not be lost.


Thanks to the hundreds of articles on the website, LOWAN was easily findable. But the constant growth of the website also threatened to become its downfall: technical adjustments became increasingly complex and managing the site became more and more difficult. Also, the site was not pleasant to read on mobile devices.


2manydots looked as little as possible at the existing website, but focused on a new approach. This way we didn't think from something that wasn't working, but worked toward a desired situation. To encourage internal navigation, we moved the menu from traditionally at the top to the left side. This way visitors know exactly where they are in this large Web site.

2manydots went to work and built a custom website. Not only did it reflect LOWAN's values, it also put a full spotlight on its valuable content. The site displays excellently on all devices, making visitors less likely to drop out. The sidebar allows for a clear split between primary and secondary education. Visitors can find their information through an understandable path.



In the client's words, "2manydots delivered on its promise. We got a new site that we are extremely happy with and organic rankings were maintained."

  • Hundreds of information pages are demonstrably more findable.
  • Faster website: good for user experience as well as organic findability.
  • Education professionals find information more easily.
"We were quite literally guided from A to Z from initial introductions, through the project kick-off and design demo, to the testing phase and delivery."
Els Pessers