Netpresenter is a software company focused on improving internal communication, engagement, productivity, and security within organizations. It provides an innovative communication platform to companies that helps disseminate important information through various channels, such as computers, smartphones, and television screens. Netpresenter has been a communications pioneer for a quarter century and is also the proud sponsor of the AMBER Alert Europe Foundation. Netpresenter wanted a completely new website and we realized that for them.


The platform for employee and crisis communication

Project Corporate website
Client Netpresenter
Sector B2B


Our team got to work on Netpresenter's website. This website was severely outdated and minimally maintained. The many, largely unnecessary, plugins that had been installed meant that the website was not performing optimally. With the large reach that Netpresenter generates, a new, properly functioning website was desperately needed.


With more than five million users worldwide, spread over more than 90 countries, a user-friendly website was a must for Netpresenter. For Netpresenter, the main goal of the new website was to bring in new leads. The website's opportunities were not being fully utilized and this needed to change. Together with our team of developers and designers, we took up the challenge to create a representative website for this pioneer in the field of employee communication.



To make the website a lot more user-friendly for visitors and Netpresenter, we built a new website where employees can put everything together themselves, based on sections. Our designer gave the website a fresh look and feel and made different color options available. We also created a mega menu that allows visitors to easily navigate through Netpresenter's website.



To ensure the quality of Netpresenter's website, we have made many optimizations over the years. In addition, through a monthly call we are still in close contact with Netpresenter for updates and adjustments for the website. Because of Netpresenter's size, we made the website multilingual and provided it with Business Hosting. This makes the website run on a fast and reliable server.

"The cooperation with the team of 2manydots has been very pleasant for me from the beginning. A professional partner who thinks with us and always manages to realize our (wild) ideas to our satisfaction."

Photo Luc Bormans - Head of Marketing at Netpresenter