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Higher position on
the Google rankings

Higher position on Google rankings

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Project Resultsmatter®
Client Omroep Brabant
Sector Radio and television

Omroep Brabant Advertising is the commercial department of the regional broadcaster of North Brabant. Omroep Brabant has different media such as television, radio and online where advertising is possible. Omroep Brabant Reclame was looking for a partner to recruit new advertisers. This is how they ended up at 2manydots.

Organic growth 7900%


Omroep Brabant Reclame has been a client of 2manydots for many years. In June 2021 they decided to go the extra mile by joining the Resultsmatter® project. The challenge set by Omroep Brabant Reclame was clear; obtaining a higher position in the Google rankings.


The battle for advertisers in the media landscape is fierce, and so is Omroep Brabant. The fact that Omroep Brabant has a big name does not mean that they are well found online. Through the Resultsmatter® trajectory, Omroep Brabant Advertising has taken a hit on the Google rankings. The stunning results are highlighted further in this case.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was used to achieve a higher position in the Google rankings for Omroep Brabant Reclame. Landing pages have been created for keywords on which Omroep Brabant Reclame wants to be found. In addition, a blog is written every month. This organic way of ranking quickly provided the desired results. Omroep Brabant Reclame rose significantly in Google's rankings.


With our proven Resultsmatter® approach, you get your ideal online marketing colleague on board. Together we work on the online marketing strategy and relieve you operationally where necessary. With a team of specialists in desired disciplines, we are the ideal extension.

7.900 %
Organic growth
2 #
Focus keyword 'cost TV advertising'
3 #
Focus keyword 'television advertising'
54 +
Keywords in top #3


The results of the Resultsmatter® program speak for themselves. Within a year, the number of organic visitors increased by 7,900%. In addition, the page about 'TV advertising' is shown on 66 search terms, no less than 25 of which are on the first page of Google. Growth can be seen on all landing pages, but 17 web pages of Omroep Brabant Reclame are ranked among the first five results of Google thanks to the Resultsmatter® process. A gigantic result.

"The Resultsmatter® process helps us tremendously. With 2manydots' online knowledge and our strategic knowledge, the results are sky-high."
Jeremy Kesseler
Senior Marketer,Omroep Brabant