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RUD Zeeland

Licensing, supervision and
enforcement in Province of Zeeland

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RUD Zeeland is Zeeland's central environmental office.

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Opdrachtgever Zeeland Regional Implementation Service
Sector Government

With about 100 employees, RUD Zeeland is responsible for environmental licensing, supervision and enforcement on behalf of 13 Zeeland municipalities, the Scheldestromen Water Board and the province of Zeeland. In line with Dutch environmental legislation, they grant environmental permits and supervise approximately 9,000 companies to ensure that they comply with these environmental regulations.


RUD Zeeland’s website needed a thorough update, as it no longer met current standards of usability. Users found it difficult to find basic information about regulations, such as air quality regulations and noise, or applying for permits. There was an urgent need for a fresh, modern makeover with a focus on ease of use without losing sight of digital accessibility.


With a website brimming with difficult information, RUD Zeeland faced the challenge of making this content accessible. The solution lay in a thematic arrangement. Much of the website consisted of text, which made it important to make this content not only informative, but also visually appealing. The goal was to avoid long unclear texts and instead inform the visitor quickly and clearly, while meeting the necessary WCAG guidelines.


Instead of focusing on the existing website, we took a completely new approach. The new website not only reflects the renewed identity of RUD Zeeland, but also highlights its valuable content. The home page makes it easy to navigate to important pages, an eye-catching banner feature has been added for urgent information, and each page contains a sidebar with crucial information, so users don’t have to search long and find what they need quickly. With a comprehensive search functionality, users can also find what they are looking for right there.


By integrating infographics on the theme pages, we reduced the amount of text and optimized the flow of information. A “letter library” allows visitors to easily download the necessary permits without extensive scrolling. Breadcrumbs have been added to quickly direct different audiences to the right information and show where they are on the site. This balance between text and visual elements now makes RUD Zeeland’s website much more user-friendly and attractive, significantly improving the accessibility of information. As our client put it, “I am proud again to show the website to everyone.” And so are we!