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G-Star has been pushing the boundaries of denim for more than three decades. With locations across several continents, the Dutch brand has become a global player in the fashion industry. G-Star engaged 2manydots to optimize its work-at-home website.

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With over 300 physical stores, web shops in multiple languages and several offices, G-Star is constantly looking for new employees to further develop the brand. To keep it all in check, G-Star has a work-at-home website.

New job openings were manually added by G-Star to the work-at website. To gain more visibility and categorize applicant information, the HR platform Daywize was implemented. However, the vacancies now had to be posted twice: on the work-at-home website and in Daywize. G-Star asked 2manydots to come up with a solution so that unnecessary work could be taken off their hands.


Our developers immediately got to work on this issue and implemented a WordPress-Daywize link on G-Star’s work-at-home website within three weeks. With this link, G-Star’s HR employee only needs to place the vacancy in Daywize after which, using the link, it is automatically transferred to the recruitment website. This synchronization also works in reverse. An applicant fills out the job posting after which it is automatically posted in Daywize.

Before this link could be implemented, the entire work-by website had to be taken over on our servers. We also took care of this.


Daywize allows us to perfectly match WordPress to G-Star’s needs. Our self-built plug-in retrieves all the necessary data to then display it correctly. G-Star itself retains the ability to create different forms for each job posting, if necessary. In this way, more information can be gathered for a particular job posting.

Candidates’ data is important and confidential. Before putting the data into Daywize’s system, we encrypt the data and delete it within a short period of time. This is how we comply with the AVG legislation.


“Having 2manydots create the WordPress-Daywize link made it a lot easier for us administratively. Candidates apply via the website and the data arrives directly in Daywize. In this way, many operations are automated,” says Michiel Mascini, HR Operations & Rewards Manager.

Especially for the HR department, this link comes in handy. “Our HR staff can now focus much more on finding the right people instead of dealing with administrative tasks. In addition, because of the link we now get much more reliable data.”

"I've come across many IT companies, but 2manydots is one of the few that switches so quickly and puts out targeted questions that get issues resolved immediately."
Michiel Mascini
HR Operations & Rewards Manager,G-Star