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Greater online visibility with Resultsmatter

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SMC is the Sport Medical Center in Tilburg. SMC provides care by employing healthcare providers with different fields and areas of expertise to meet the patient’s healthcare needs. In January 2022, SMC launched the Resultsmatter® Lite package in order to optimize the website in several areas.


By choosing the Resultsmatter® Lite package, SMC receives support from 2manydots’ specialists on various issues. SMC wanted to be found better on Google through various search terms and data collection needed to be tightened up. We started working on that and our specialists in various fields provided SMC with advice.


SMC was looking for an extension of its marketing team and thus came to 2manydots. In collaboration with 2manydots, several issues were addressed to lead to optimization of SMC’s website. Despite the large amount of competition, one of the challenges was on SMC’s online findability.


2manydots conducted preliminary research for SMC. Several opinions came out of that. First, it was recommended that the various domain names that SMC used be combined into one domain name. This makes SMC more findable online. Several keywords relevant to SMC were also researched by 2manydots.

This is where SMC’s SEO specialist went to work, and this produced good results. To make data collection more insightful, 2manydots has set different goals for Google Analytics. This implementation allows SMC to accurately track which leads are coming in.


With our proven Resultsmatter® approach, you get your ideal online marketing colleague on board. Together we work on the online marketing strategy and relieve you operationally where necessary. With a team of specialists in desired disciplines, we are the ideal extension.

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Focus keyword 'Pelvic physiotherapy Tilburg'


SMC has since followed and implemented the various recommendations. The results are already showing. SMC was first found on the first page of Google on the keyword “Physical Therapy Tilburg. This keyword has a high search volume that quickly increases the number of website visitors. In addition, several treatments also already rank first in search results.

I'm glad we took the step to invest in our website. We are finally on the first page of Google!
Evelien Geurts
Director,SMC Tilburg