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Providing complete customer contact for international organizations

Project Recruitment platform
Client Teleperformance Benelux
Sector Services and recruitment


Because Teleperformance has about 150 to 200 vacancies to fill each week, it is important to attract many visitors to the website. Teleperformance's recruitment platform therefore needed to be easily found organically in order to attract sufficient candidates.



The more applications that come in through the website, the less Teleperformance has to use external factors to recruit. The new website had to become an essential part of recruitment through lead generation. The identity of the company had to be clearly felt on the website. By putting Teleperformance in the best possible light online, they attract the right candidates and retain employees longer.


A link between WordPress and Recruitee was created in the new website. This immediately made it easier for all recruiters to handle the hundreds of candidates per day. There was daily interaction with many of Teleperformance's partners to make the transition to the new website and HR system as smooth as possible.


Layout of the website

All of Teleperformance's qualities come into play in the new site. For example, the jobsite is now divided into different sections, based on the search query. The introduction of structure was necessary because Teleperformance offers a very diverse set of jobs for a very broad target group. All content was also revised and rewritten.



Not only are internal employees happy with the result and the ease of use, the numbers don't lie either. Three months after going live we compared data with the same period in the previous year:

  • 18% more completed applications.
  • Over 80% more applications through organic search results (Google).
  • Improved dashboarding through intensive ResultsmatterĀ® track.

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