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Crowe Foederer is distinctly different from the standard image of accounting and consulting firms. At Crowe, it’s all about the freedom to be yourself and the unique path you walk as a professional. With a team of more than 650 colleagues and a growing number of job openings, we understood the importance of a modern, up-to-date recruitment wesite.


Crowe was in a rapid growth phase, which led to an increase in job openings. The existing recruitment website was no longer adequate: it was outdated, cluttered and it was a challenge to find the information needed quickly. Moreover, the platform was no longer efficient for the HR team.


Our goal was to align the visual identity of the recruitment website with that of the corporate website, strengthening the cohesion between the two. A key requirement was to maintain integration with the recruitment platform Daywize, while at the same time we wanted to enrich the job overview with more functionalities and filtering options.


We chose to build the work-at-home website on the same theme as the corporate website. As a result, we had immediate access to many existing sections and functionalities. A key element of the new site was an improved job overview with more extensive filtering capabilities, improving both clarity and usability. Vacancies are now displayed in an organized list.

Daywize coupling

Specific jobs are automatically loaded from Daywize, with the appropriate recruiter automatically linked to each job posting. Open jobs are routed directly to the WordPress site, and applicants, in turn, are referred directly to Daywize. This streamlined workflow saves the HR team considerable time, as they can now work primarily through Daywize.