Standard or custom WordPress website?

Large organizations such as Unicef, Sony Music and Walt Disney also use WordPress. Naturally, the wishes and requirements of such parties are different from those of private individuals or smaller companies. In terms of privacy, loading speed, security and accessibility, only the best is good enough. When choosing an internet agency, one of the first questions is: will a standard website suffice or would it be better to choose custom WordPress?

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Standard themes and plugins
  • Slow(er) website
  • Website insecure
  • Items just disappear
  • Website does not comply with the law
  • High 'do-it-yourself' content
Custom WordPress website
  • Optimized loading speed
  • Insight and control over website
  • Tested, audit trail and version control
  • Legal compliance (security/avg)
  • Helpdesk for all your questions

A solution for every WordPress challenge

WordPress is versatile; extensions and customizations make it possible to completely customize a site. And that's nice for organizations that have challenges with digital accessibility, loading speed, privacy and security. We develop a custom WordPress website that fits your needs seamlessly. But where small organizations can work with standard themes and plug-ins, organizations like yours choose custom WordPress.

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Custom WordPress for large business and government

Sometimes you are looking for more than a standard internet agency. You are looking for an experienced partner who also thinks along with you on important issues such as security, management and privacy.

Internet agency for custom WordPress websites

Top #3 WordPress agency of the Netherlands

At some point, a standard Internet agency can no longer help your organization. You are looking for an experienced partner who also thinks along about important themes such as security, management, accessibility and privacy. That's why 2manydots is the WordPress specialist.

wordpress customization

Business Critical: link all systems to WordPress

Our developers have developed innovative solutions that make it easier to integrate business processes with websites.

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We think this is important:


Load Speed

Load time and latency are factors that make or break the user experience. A high speed not only grants comfort to your visitors, but also has a positive impact on your rankings in the search engines.


Own website design

You can of course choose a standard WordPress theme, but such a template never fits your brand 100% and sooner or later causes problems. A custom WordPress website solves that: you get a site in your house style, matching your online goals, and completely unique.


Multisite solutions

Does your organization have multiple branches, brands or product lines? With WordPress Multisite you create multiple versions of your (sub)website, but simply manage these sites from one dashboard. The so-called subsites share functions with the other websites within the network: user management, plugins and media.


Multilingual site

Conquering a new market is quite possible with this CMS. A WordPress installation is in one main language by default, but is expandable to other languages. You can expand this without limit. Of course we can make content-specific adjustments for each country or language. Thanks to the GeoIP function or another source, the visitor gets to see the correct version of your website, without having to click on a flag.


Digital accessibility

About 25% of Internet users have disabilities. More and more websites are choosing to comply with the WCAG 2.1 guidelines to increase their digital accessibility.

Here's why we've trusted WordPress for years



15 years of constant improvements has made WordPress very stable and reliable. More than 1,000 people work on the core of the CMS every day.



Anyone is free to use, modify or sell WordPress - without a license fee. It is the engine behind over 60% of all websites on the Internet.



With the universally used WordPress, you are not stuck with an internet agency. There are a huge number of people working on it every day. No vendor lock-in your business!



It is easy to make your own changes or post something new. All changes you make are saved with version control.


Documented, Google and YouTube are overflowing with WordPress tutorials. You'll always find an answer to your burning question.



A lot of functionality is available by default. Apart from the fact that we build them ourselves, there are currently more than 55k free plug-ins available. In no time we integrate them into your website so you can always apply new functionality to your website.

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