Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 31 July 2018

3 masterful tools for website optimization

Website optimization had better not be wet-finger work. There are plenty of tools that can help you increase visitor numbers and improve conversion on your website. We found the magic mix. This is how we get the most out of our clients’ professional WordPress websites.

Three tools for website optimization

The tools Google Analytics, Hotjar and Snoobi all provide different levels of insight into the usage of your website. In this way, you will delve into the different phases of the user and be able to adapt the website layers to their behavior. First you want to know how visitors come in, then what they do, and finally you want to pick up those who have escaped your site’s grasp.

The tools reinforce each other

  1. Analyze with Google Analytics where visitors come from and where they go. For example, on which pages do you have a lot of bouncers? Gain a complete picture of your site and go with the whole story.
  2. Then analyze individual pages with Hotjar. See visitor behavior in videos and heatmaps. Optimize a conversion-oriented page for click-through capabilities and a contact form for simplicity, for example. Through the optimized pages, you get interested parties in the right places.
  3. Now add filters in Snoobi and collect user data. With this information, take the lead yourself and call those interested.

Hotjar shows scrolling and clicking behavior across devices. Live recordings from visitors also provide much insight.

Tool 4: a custom website

Well, actually you need one more thing to bring in all those hot leads: a custom website! When it is already correct in the basics and matches the target audience, you improve the site in a more targeted way. An easy CMS helps you easily implement website optimization.