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Written by Finn Ruijter, 13 September 2019

5 lead magnets you create within a day

The holy grail of inbound marketing is the lead. Leads are just one step away from a purchase and are therefore important to your business. But how do you execute lead generation successfully? One proven method is to offer a “lead magnet”: a digital gift in exchange for that coveted e-mail address. As specialists in converting websites, we almost always work with these lead magnets.

But how do you create such a lead magnet and, more importantly, where do you get the time? Below we list 5 different lead magnets that you create relatively easily by using content you already have lying around.

1. E-book

An e-book is generally a nicely formatted PDF containing neatly arranged information that appeals to your target audience. Sometimes you may choose to dig a little deeper than you normally do, but it is not unusual to simply put together the best blog posts, slightly modified if necessary.

This works best if you have a series of blog posts around a particular topic. A carpenter who has devoted several articles to tiny houses, for example:

  • What skills do you need to build your tiny house?
  • 10 mistakes people make when building their tiny house
  • 3 ways a tiny house changes your life
  • Self-sufficient living: here’s how to get water and light
  • 5 places to park your tiny house

Now you might be thinking: isn’t it a little too easy to package existing blog posts into a PDF? What will my readers think of that? If visitors notice at all, they are generally grateful for a document in which they can quickly click offline to the information they want.

2. Checklist

One of the easiest lead magnets to create is the checklist. If you’ve already published a blog post giving instructions or offering a plan of action (think titles that begin with words like so, how, what) you already have all the input for such a checklist ready to go. List all the steps to take and group them into smaller steps to make the end result even more achievable.

Bonus points if you choose a nice design where the actual checklist fits on one page. This allows readers to check off items “in the heat of the moment” and quickly see if -and if so, where-there is work to be done.

3. Cheat sheet

A cheat sheet, in proper Dutch a cheat sheet, is almost as short as the checklist: one page. If you cover a topic that is complicated and has a lot of prerequisites or steps, a cheat sheet like this helps people stay on task. It serves as a reminder and is preferably printed out and pinned to the wall. Take this opportunity to incorporate your logo and/or slogan, so that the user will always (subconsciously) think of your organization when consulting the cheat sheet.

4. Webinar

That not every lead magnet has to be a downloadable one is proven by the webinar. Using one of your blog posts or your brochure as a guide, you can use it as a springboard for a webinar that you can present by yourself or with a colleague.

For example, if you’ve written about the latest subsidies around electric cars, you can turn that into a PowerPoint presentation that you walk through during a webinar. Allow people to ask questions via chat during the webinar and you’ll immediately see which leads are more qualified than others. You can then also offer the presentation as a download to ask for even more relevant personal data.

5. Workbook

Especially for service organizations, a workbook is a very effective lead magnet. This is often a document to print out and fill out. For example, a company of business coaches could release a workbook that helps readers discover how they sabotage their success. And online training platform Teachable helps readers with a workbook workbook to create their own course.

How we generate leads

We at 2manydots also offer several lead magnets including checklists and white papers. In doing so, we help readers a little further with their Internet marketing issues, such as branding and lead generation.