Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 30 November 2020

Take your multilingual WordPress website to the next level

It is increasingly common that your website needs more languages than just Dutch. For example, with a corporate or service website, chances are that the target audience may not always be able to read or speak Dutch. In such a case, a multilingual WordPress website is the ideal solution. A multilingual Web site is one that offers its content in multiple languages. This makes for an accessible website, for a wider audience. In addition, it helps improve the user experience.

With a multilingual WordPress website, the content on the website is not automatically translated. There are several ways to address this. Engage translation engines or a translation agency, or use the WordPress Multilingual (WPML) plugin. However, this plugin is a heavy link, which can cause the loading speed of your website to deteriorate. So you must have high-quality hosting to use this plugin without problems. Need advice on the best solution for your website? We are happy to help.

LinQuake helps you translate

The most secure and efficient way to make your WordPress website multilingual is to hire the translation agency LinQuake. This is not just any translation agency: LinQuake uses an online platform built on innovative translation technology.

Depending on the purpose of the content and the desired quality, a translation machine, or professional translators are used by mutual agreement. For example, a product text can be more easily translated into Spanish with a translation machine. However, a marketing text is less suitable for a translation machine when a specific feeling needs to be conveyed.

With LinQuake, almost anything is possible: upload all kinds of different document types and translate it into any language possible. For each domain, they look for appropriate translators, such as translators with a legal background. As a result, the text contains the right look and feel in every language. This is how you take a multilingual WordPress website to the next level.

SEO check for a multilingual WordPress website

In addition to properly translating your content, there are a number of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) checks you can perform. In fact, SEO does not work quite the same for multilingual websites compared to standard websites. For example, a website may be easily findable through Google in one country but not in another. What should you pay attention to?

  • Optimize by language for the appropriate search engine. In the Netherlands, Google is by far the most popular, but not necessarily so in other countries. China, for example, does not use Google, but Baidu. Bing is very popular in some countries. So check this out for your multilingual website.
  • Adjust the link building strategy by language. Use external links appropriate to the language. For example, a Dutch website should largely have external links coming from Dutch sources. If you also have a German site, look at German domains for building out the link profile.
  • Conduct keyword research by country. Popular keywords in the Netherlands are most likely not as popular in another country. Translating such a keyword one-to-one is often not a good idea. Research which keywords are important by country for the website, and optimize content around the specific keywords. Would you like to have a keyword research done in another language? That’s where LinQuake can help: in cooperation with SEO specialists, they conduct a keyword research, based on a Dutch keyword research.

Need help optimizing a multilingual WordPress website? Or would you like to have an SEO check done? If so, please contact us without obligation.