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Written by Finn Ruijter, 07 October 2021

What does the ideal marketing employee look like?

More and more companies are betting on digital transformation. And that includes all kinds of relatively new positions, such as SEO specialist, content marketer, community manager and web analyst. These are all different sports, but they also have obvious similarities. The skills such professionals must possess, for example.

7 characteristics of the ideal marketing employee

There are a number of skills that every marketing professional benefits from. Some of these can be read off a resume, but others may not surface until a job interview.

1. Being curious

The digital landscape is constantly changing. One Google update follows another, new social media are popping up like mushrooms, advertising opportunities are constantly changing, and new gadgets are making us interact differently with each other and with information.

The ideal marketing person is on top of such developments. He devours tech news and reads blogs in his field. This requires an active interest in developments in digital. In other words, a great curiosity. In doing so, this employee taps into new opportunities that will help you outsmart the competition.

2. Possess analytical ability

In online marketing, you can measure all kinds of things accurately. With such an abundance of data, you can gain many insights into the preferences of your target audience. Taken over a longer period of time, these data can reveal interesting trends. That would require analytical ability: being able to interpret numbers.

3. Have knowledge of other digital disciplines

Even if a marketer has far-reaching knowledge of his specialty, it is important that he is also aware of the other disciplines and the impact on them. For example, a community manager cannot do without a content marketer, web analysts and conversion specialists often work together, and there is busy communication between SEO and SEA specialists.

Instead of a pure specialist, today’s ideal marketing person is almost an entire team or a generalist with specialized knowledge. That can be in several areas, by the way!

4. Being able to communicate well

Speaking of communicating: in marketing, that skill is central. Because how do you communicate to the target audience your values and how do you create an offer that this target audience cannot resist? But those communication skills also come in handy internally. For example, if the marketing person wants to make a slick presentation or needs to offer advice. Persuasion is indispensable. Especially with all the roles you have to deal with. Think of consultations between management, IT and legal departments.

5. Have strategic insight

A company translates its ambitions into goals. And to meet those goals, a marketing executive must establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Examples include bounce rate, conversion rate, average order value and percentage of returning customers. In analyzing this, the marketing officer knows what to focus on to contribute to business goals.

6. Mastering project management

The work of an online marketer is never idle. At the same time, in no field of work are distractions more lurking than here. Being able to set priorities, divide projects into sub-projects and plan time well are important. Project management, in other words. Marketers who master this skill get more done and therefore achieve better results.

7. Being results-oriented

Online marketers have an enormous amount of data at their disposal. That way, they can properly measure the effects of certain changes. And that makes it easier to work toward KPIs. A marketer at heart gets a kick out of setting goals and improving results.

Where can you find such a marketing person?

If you read the laundry list of skills above, you are no doubt wondering where to find such a superperson. And indeed, there is more demand for these individuals than there is supply. By the way, this labor shortage exists not only in marketing, but in many sectors and fields of work.

So you have to come up with a thick package of benefits to lure someone like that away from their current employer. But even then, it can take a lot of effort to find the right person. If marketing is important to you but not your core business, the question is whether it pays at all to set up an entire marketing department.

Not to mention the problem that arises when this person ever leaves. Is that worth the rigging of such a marketing team?

2manydots: your new marketing team

The solution is to join hands with 2manydots. We are an internet agency in Tilburg with an A-team of specialists. Professionals with a true passion for the profession and extensive knowledge of adjacent marketing disciplines. Together with you, we work on an online marketing strategy and relieve you operationally.

The cost of this is comparable to half an FTE per month. We constantly consult with you and make adjustments where necessary so that we meet or even exceed the KPIs set. Having your marketing in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable team takes the worry out of it. This allows you to focus on core business.