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Written by Finn Ruijter, 14 June 2014

Open Source vs. Closed Source: what’s the difference?

Open Source vs. Closed Source: each has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice you make affects all aspects you will have to deal with during the development of a Web site. Internet agency 2manydots, specialist in converting websites, can of course advise you in your choice. Below we set it out in outline.

Established guidelines or tailored functions

When you purchase Closed Source, you are essentially buying a license that allows you to use the software according to established guidelines. In this, you don’t own the source code, and additional features must be customized, which screws up the cost. With Open Source, choose a freely downloadable software that can be modified in any way. The software is free. You pay with an Open Source mainly for getting the functionalities connected and customizing the web design.

Easily optimize

If you want to add new features to your website over time, it is easier to work with an Open Source. The larger the group is that uses the same Source, the more updates and extensions the package has. Another advantage is that common website scenarios already exist, so the wheel has usually already been invented for you. If you choose a Closed Source then you can assume that problems will be corrected by updates. If you have optimization needs for the website, they should be customized.

Dependent or rather free

When you yourself are not a source code manager, as is the case with a Closed Source, it becomes difficult to switch Internet agencies. However, in extreme cases, another Web builder can read the software if the previous party wants to make the source code available. But delving into an unfamiliar system takes a lot of time. With an Open Source, you are independent of the web builder because you own the software yourself. So you can always switch to an Internet agency with the same knowledge of the CMS.

Reading into models

Ultimately, there is something to be said for both an Open Source and a Closed Source. The two models have grown closer together over the years. It’s all about what goals you want to achieve with your website. Get informed about both models by researching online, reading up on the subject and asking specialists about the options. 2manydots is happy to advise you.

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