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As site owners, we all want more visitors. And money can buy almost anything. With a well-designed ad campaign you can tap into new markets and score leads. But if you are looking for a sustainable solution for more organic traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) is the way to go. How does it work and what do you need to pay attention to? 2manydots now offers you a ready-made checklist to get your SEO right.

How to influence your own rankings

No one outside Google knows for sure and even in the corridors of the search giant they are secretive about it: the exact factors Google ranks websites on. So SEO experts, like Brian Dean, can only guess at this. In his list of 200 ranking factors, you will encounter open doors such as the age of the domain and the quality of outgoing links, but also unexpected or even controversial factors such as over-optimization and the number of errors in the HTML code.

Even if it's all about guesswork, we still see that the on-site factors are the most important to Google. In other words, you can influence your ranking to a large extent yourself. And thus indirectly also the number of organic visitors, leads or customers that you get. But how do you do that, on-site optimization?

Content is king

How to optimize a website for more organic visitors is no secret. We have known for years that in order to do that you need to cultivate a status of authority. And you do that by posting in-depth, informative content. If you do that consistently, your site becomes a veritable knowledge base for your target audience and that is what Google rewards with higher rankings.

Even though Google -backed by artificial intelligence (AI)- is getting smarter, we can still give the search engine a hand. In fact, it seems like SEO professionals have more work than ever. 

Download the SEO checklist for more organic traffic

If search engine optimization is part of your job description, we have something for you. Our checklist makes writing SEO content much easier. It provides you with the tools you need to structure your page texts and blog posts optimally. By working through the list from top to bottom, you can be sure that no detail will escape you. And every little bit helps. 

This free SEO checklist focuses on content. It lends itself well not only to new pieces you write, but also to existing content on your site. By optimizing previous texts you can sometimes make surprising jumps in the search results. Take advantage of your visit and download this SEO checklist now. 

Resultsmatter approach

Then all you have to do is figure out exactly what to write about. And we are happy to help you with that. By following the unique Resultsmatter trajectory with us, you will find out exactly what your target group is searching for. Our keyword research will result in the terms that are most frequently searched for and on which there is the least competition.

Resultsmatter, by the way, is about more than just content. By constantly measuring and testing, we see what works better and we can implement those improvements. For example, it could be about the graphic design on a certain page, the use of color and the navigation structure. We have a large number of tools at our disposal with which we can discover what your visitors want and expect. This way we work step by step towards more visitors on your website.

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