Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 23 February 2021

Super-fast websites for demanding organizations

Limited code

A WordPress theme created by outside developers and used by many sites has features that you don’t use but that make your site heavier and slower. 2manydots therefore creates only custom WordPress themes, with minimized code (CSS, HTML and JavaScript). The result of this approach is noticeably better performance.

Content Delivery Network

When someone loads your site from another country, it takes longer for that site to appear on the screen. A CDN ensures that your site resides on servers distributed around the world. Based on the location of your visitors, the nearest server is addressed. As a result, it loads faster.

Optimized images

Images keep your visitors interested and are indispensable for a good user experience. High resolutions are desirable for users with large screens, but at the same time, such images can take up a lot of space. Mobile users in particular are going to notice. We compress your images with quality preservation.

Asynchronous scripts loading

A browser that encounters a script while loading HTML normally stops rendering to execute JavaScript. If your own script or an external script does not work, it will negatively affect load time and page view. As a precaution, 2manydots avoids using blocking scripts as much as possible. The script is loaded last, so the visitor can just navigate your site.

Professional WordPress hosting

2manydots works with professional WordPress hosts. These are optimized for high-traffic websites or sudden visitor spikes. Minor WordPress updates they perform automatically, backups are made daily, and DDoS attacks are nipped in the bud. Everything revolves around a good performance. Couple that with great scalability and your site stands like a house.