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Written by Finn Ruijter, 27 January 2021

Privacy by design: processing personal data for your visitors well regulated

Cookie notification

If your WordPress website places cookies on your visitors’ computers, the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) requires you to provide a cookie notification. Some cookies even require you to ask users for permission before placing them. 2manydots provides visitors with a notification that lists cookies ranging from functional to analytical cookies.

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Privacy Statement

A privacy policy is another requirement of the AVG for websites that process personal data. That means you need to let it be known what your privacy policy is, what you do with personal data and why. 2manydots helps you create a privacy statement that reassures both your visitors and the Personal Data Authority.

SSL certificate

An SSL certificate was originally intended for websites that collected personal data. This certificate encrypts that data transfer, making it impossible for hackers to do anything with it. Meanwhile, an SSL certificate has become indispensable for any site, as browsers such as Chrome mark sites without an SSL certificate as “not secure. The sites that 2manydots creates come with an SSL certificate by default.

Processor Agreement

When you as an organization work with outside parties like 2manydots, you are required by law to enter into a processor agreement with each other. A processor agreement governs how personal data is handled. 2manydots has a processor agreement available.

Processing Register

The AVG requires organizations to inform users about who has access to what data. You need to specify why those parties need access, to what data and for how long. We collect and publish this information in a so-called processing register, so that it is always available for everyone to see. Learn more about managing customer data in WordPress.