Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 26 March 2020

An internet agency for lawyers increases your online reach

In a country with thousands of lawyers, it can be difficult to properly brand yourself and reach the right clients. The place to do that is online. Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages; Google is the new phone book. And in this phone book, of course, you want to appear at the top. As an Internet agency for law firms and insurance companies, 2manydots helps to market themselves uniquely and strategically.

A breath of fresh air in the industry

Sorry to burst the bubble: the legal profession and insurance industry are often still quite old-fashioned. The client, on the other hand, is moving with the times. In many firms, website development emphasizes the main area of law, according to the various lawyers. While the focus should really be on helping business and private clients quickly and with quality. The same goes for customers of insurers: what are they looking for and what appeals to them? Is it about quality, rates or a big name? A professional Internet agency will help you raise your unique profile for increased brand awareness and business.

First impressions count, even outside office walls

Law offices are often laid out in detail. They are architectural gems with imposing art already at the entrance and the furnishings are regularly modernized to meet the latest trends. The website, however, is another story and often hopelessly outdated. Nothing has been done about this for five years, maybe even longer. Yet clients today are more likely to look at your business online, rather than spontaneously walk in for an orientation meeting. So shift the focus!

Previously, we helped Mutsaerts stand out online in the world of pension funds and business insurance.

The elements of a good website:

  • A design and technology that inspires confidence in visitors. When buttons don’t work and pages no longer exist, it radiates negatively to the office.
  • A responsive design that ensures visitors can also read the website on their mobile is a must. Research shows that 75 percent of the private target audience only have mobile Internet.
  • A clear homepage. Many companies in the world of law, pension funds and insurance appear to have outdated websites, where the front page consists of too many surfaces, links, frames and text. On the homepage, show directly what you do and what the focal points are. It is rarely necessary to name all legal courses.
  • Sharp writing. The website need not become an equivalent of Wikipedia. Make sure visitors discover what you have to offer and what makes you different from the competition. In doing so, speak the language of the target audience.

Choose professionalism online as well

Competition is increasing. Larger firms are emptying and more and more lawyers are starting niche firms alone or in partnerships. Competition is growing between different insurance companies and pension funds. Believe in the success of your unique angle and show it online. Do not copy the same model as the competitor, but give your company its own profile online as well. A custom WordPress website is perfect for developing your own professional style.

Wondering what such a website looks like? We built a new, corporate website for TeekensKarstens. Read the complete success story here.