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According to 80% of entrepreneurs in the hospitality and hospitality industry, investing in online presence and marketing increases sales and boosts business. You create a healthy competition between competitors and stimulate creativity in the field of websites and online marketing. Don't get left behind and make your website your best seller, with online marketing for hospitality.

Offer a web design experience

Content marketing is considered one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Especially in the hospitality industry, the right atmosphere creates more sales. Our client Blycolin doesn't just provide textiles for hotels, but sells an experience of luxury. Our client Vendor offers not just any sanitary facilities, but a fresh and hygienic environment where guests feel comfortable. Convey this feeling with an appropriate design, appealing texts, videos and images. Read the complete Vendor success story here.

online marketing hospitality

This is how you create inspiring visual content that your buyers are waiting for:

  • Hire a professional photographer for a good image bank.
  • Ask your clients for their opinion. What do they expect from you? This will give you an idea of a good message.
  • Respond to industry trends.
  • Go to events like the Horecava for inspiration. Also for your online expressions.

A host is social

As a hospitality provider, you work in a social environment. Therefore, make sure you are also active on social media. 88% of entrepreneurs in the hospitality and catering industry say they are influenced by social media messages. It ensures interaction between you and your (potential) clients. Social media also increases the visibility of your company, involvement of customers, word-of-mouth advertising and the positive sentiment around your brand.

Take advantage of social media

  • Make a plan. What do you want to communicate to hospitality operators, hotels and other buyers? What is the purpose of this communication? What is the competition doing and how can you distinguish yourself?
  • Create a calendar. By creating beautiful posts and standard sequences, you stay ahead of the times and are visible online even during busy times. In addition, you can analyze at what times your messages score the best. A useful piece of information when you deliver to an industry that never works from 9 to 5.
online marketing hospitality

Keep the website up to date

When you lead visitors to the website, you want to entice them there. A responsive website serves the visitor optimally and you keep yourself updated easily. A custom WordPress website can be the solution for this. 2manydots works for Blycolin, Vendor (CWS) and Bonheur Horeca Group, among others.

For them we also realize the monthly development. This keeps the website up-to-date and connected to the target group.

Are you working in the hospitality industry? Do you supply entrepreneurs in this industry on a daily basis? We create a convincing website for your visitors. Contact us without obligation and find out what we can do for you.

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