Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 04 May 2020

Better findability with a transportation website

The logistics and transportation industry is developing rapidly. Never before has so much shipped worldwide in such a short period of time. Systems are improved weekly to work a little better, faster and more efficiently every day. Your transportation website should not be left behind as far as we are concerned. Experience shows that the logistics there can also be greatly improved and the highway to your company often deserves a maintenance check.

“Research shows that 80% of all transportation companies have little knowledge of online marketing while 75% want to do more with social media. A good website is the first step in this.”- Mike Lelieveld, owner at 2manydots

Come to 2manydots for a logistics or transportation website

Van Kuijk is a large transport company for the agricultural sector. Manure transport, feed transport, livestock transport: Van Kuijk has the right means of transport for everything. Because they have such a large supply, they also rent to competitors. So there are two audiences that need to know of its existence. We realized a new transportation website for them with simpler management. This improved timeliness and improved online findability.

Address your target audience with a transportation website

Let potential customers find your business through mapped out routes. For example, if you transport sustainably or specialize in transport to France, you want to be found on these facts. The basis for good online findability starts with a perfect website. One that connects with your business, appeals to the target audience, is found, is easy to maintain and provides a stage to link to from social media channels.

Content marketing for the transportation market

Stay distinctive in this highly competitive and daily changing market. A new website as the basis for your content marketing offers a solution. You have to keep optimizing for the best results. When the basics are in place you can get started with:

  • Smart texts to get found better;
  • Keeping the website up-to-date through simple management;
  • Increase visibility through social media where the website is your base;
  • Recruit customers through online efforts.