Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 19 January 2021

World-class privacy and security solutions

Almost every website collects data and data from visitors. This is of interest to hackers because they can use this information to commit fraud or resell data, for example. With the shift from offline to online, it is important for everyone to secure websites properly. Today, data breaches and privacy violations are still happening. But what is good security? We list some of our security solutions for WordPress.

Active monitoring

WordPress updates and external WordPress plugins, if used, can cause problems. If they are not fully compatible with the WordPress theme being used, something may jump or an error message may appear on visitors’ browser screens. Annoying situations that 2manydots prevents or minimizes. We monitor your website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure maximum uptime.

Two-Factor Authentication

User names and passwords are intrusive. From time to time you read that a database full of account information has been captured and cracked. As an additional security measure, we recommend Two-Factor Authentication. Employees who access your WordPress environment must therefore enter a unique code that generates a mobile app.

Encrypted data

Unintended changes and the risk of hacks make regular backups a necessity. 2manydots provides these backups, storing the data encrypted. At any time we can restore an earlier version of your website.

Strict password policy

Gone are the days of short letter and number combinations. Our strict password policy encourages you to create hard-to-crack, long, random passwords. Better yet are passphrases, which are virtually impossible to hack because of their length. 2manydots gives you concrete tips for this.

DDoS protection

Distributed Denial of Service is an attack in which hackers flood a server with traffic in order to take down a Web site. Such a DDoS attack can affect any organization. This is why 2manydots takes twofold measures in this area: on the one hand, we provide a highly secure server, which at the same time can handle a lot of data traffic.

Hacker detection

WordPress is protected against brute force attacks by default. We can take this security up another notch and reduce the maximum number of failed login attempts. Integrity checks and malware scans are also among our services. Periodically you will receive our report with any recommendations.

Single Sign-On (SSO).

In addition to standard user management functionality, we are experienced in creating Single Sign-On integrations such as with LDAP. That way, employees who are already logged into other company software do not have to enter their WordPress login credentials separately.

Plug-ins that always work

You can extend WordPress functionality with plug-ins. But the plug-ins that are publicly available -free or for a fee- are not all equally secure. Especially if they are not updated for an extended period of time. For your custom WordPress site, 2manydots can develop custom plug-ins. These guarantee maximum security and are always compatible.

Choose WordPress experts

At 2manydots, you sit at the table with nearly 15 years of experience; we are specialists in our field. Opinionated professionals with a clear vision and trained in listening to and analyzing our clients’ issues. We share your set of requirements with our developers and they get to work on your enterprise solution. Ready to take action together?