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Written by Gijs de Rooij, 27 March 2023

The different forms of content creation

Everything these days is constantly about content creation.
Good content creation ensures that your target audience will proceed to conversion.
And that is ultimately what a website is made for.
But what forms of content creation are there really?
In this blog, we will present you with a number of effective solutions that you can offer through content creation.

What is content creation?

Content creation is the process of creating, developing and sharing various forms of content, such as text, images, videos, audio recordings and more, to reach a particular target audience and prompt them to take action.
It can be used for various purposes, such as generating traffic to a website, promoting brand awareness, boosting conversions and providing valuable information to a target audience.

Content creation often involves researching and understanding the interests and needs of the target audience, coming up with ideas for content, writing or creating the content itself, and optimizing the content for search engines and social media.
It also often requires the use of various technologies and tools to produce and distribute content.

Successful content creation requires creativity, strategy, knowledge of the target audience and a good understanding of the various channels on which content is distributed.
Always make sure that your content is of a high level.
After all, activating a target audience is an important goal of your content creation.

SEO Blog post/news article

The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should not be underestimated.
If you don’t appear on the first page of Google, you practically won’t be found.
More than 90% of all searchers on Google do not bother to look beyond the first page.
Search engine optimization helps your website get to the first page of Google.

With good content creation, you take care of a lot of potential customers.
SEO blog posts and news articles contribute to this.
By writing about a keyword with a high search volume, you get a lot of new visitors.
Through blog posts you spread knowledge to readers, hoping they will return to your website and buy one of your products or services.
Create a content calendar and declare this content calendar sacred.
This will ensure that you keep writing blog posts consistently and content creation does not fade into the background.
Still find it difficult to keep writing SEO blog posts consistently?
Then outsource your content creation to 2manydots.

When an important event occurs within your organization, you can dedicate a news article to it.
Through this news article you inform your supporters/customers and they feel connected to your organization.
No time to write news articles yourself?
Outsource your content creation to 2manydots.

SEO landing page

An SEO landing page is also an important form of content creation.
With a landing page, you often highlight a service provided by your company.
An example of this is 2manydots’ online marketing page.
This is an SEO landing page with information about our online marketing journey.
This landing page is optimized so that we are well found on Google for the keyword “online marketing.

Want an SEO landing page written by 2manydots?
We write a landing page based on a 20-minute phone interview.
The article is optimized for up to one angle (keyword).
We post the article in WordPress and populate Yoast SEO (on-page) data.
We assume one round of correction via Google Docs.


For many organizations, it’s all about leads.
Rightly so, as leads are potential customers and every business is looking for potential customers.
However, leads don’t come easily.
Certain content creation makes leads come in.
Consider a white paper, e-book, checklist or fact sheet.

Leads leave their data in exchange for, say, a white paper with useful information.
After obtaining this data, you can call the leads to ask if they are interested in your products or services.

A white paper is often more than 3,000 words and therefore takes an enormous amount of time.
Time we often don’t have because we are too busy with our own work.
Therefore, it is wise to have a lead magnet written by a professional.
2manydots employs its own copywriter and is happy to help you with this form of content creation.

Email newsletter

A newsletter is an ideal way to inform your clients/customer base about everything that is going on within your organization.
Introduce your clients to a new employee, highlight a new product or tell them about that big change within your organization.

Because your clients receive a weekly or monthly newsletter, you stay top of mind with this group and they think of you sooner when they purchase new products or services.
With a newsletter, you maintain client relationships.
It helps strengthen the bond between company and clients.
Does a newsletter take too much time?
Outsource content creation to 2manydots?
We would be happy to create a custom newsletter for your organization.

Photography & video

A picture says more than a thousand words.
Whether that is also the truth, we leave it up to you to decide.
We do believe that quality photography and video are part of good content creation and a perfect complement to written content.
We always recommend having photos taken of your organization.
Leave out stock photos, which often come across as somewhat impersonal.

A website is often the first point of contact between a business and the visitor.
Good photography can help create a positive first impression and show the visitor what the company stands for.
Good photography also contributes to the appearance of professionalism and reliability of the company.
A website with blurry, poor quality or unprofessional photos can detract from the company’s credibility.

Good photography also helps communicate a company’s message clearly.
You make communication visual, which gives many readers a better idea of the message you want to convey to them.
2manydots works closely with a professional photographer.
We will gladly put you in touch with this photographer.

Outsource to an agency?

Do you want to activate your target audience?
Does your content need to be right on all sides?
Do you think an interactive infographic and display advertising are not enough content marketing for your website?
Outsource your content creation to 2manydots.
We take care of all the above mentioned forms of content creation.
Curious about the costs? Download our product sheet!

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Content is king!
That it’s important for your website we don’t have to tell you.
Nor that it’s time-consuming.
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