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Written by Gijs de Rooij, 10 July 2023

The moment to claim your (company) name: Threads

Anyone who has been watching the news a bit in recent weeks knows that social platform Twitter is in dire straits. Numerous hijackers on the coast see their opportunity to siphon off the disgruntled crowd on Twitter to their social platform. Threads is perhaps the main hijacker on the coast. In this blog, we will tell you more about the rise of the latter social platform that does look a lot like Twitter.

Although Twitter has been unchallenged by its millions of users for more than a decade, the sale of the social platform changed this. None other than Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and richest person in the world, bought Twitter in 2022 for an astronomical $44 billion. Since then, things have been anything but crescendo for the once beloved platform.

The extravagant South African-Canadian-American introduced a subscription form for a coveted blue checkmark and recently applied a limit to the number of tweets a user could see per day. These modifications are against the grain of users, who are massively looking for an alternative.

Zuckerberg gasps

Mastodon seemed to have the momentum for a while, but soon lost it. Now archrival Mark Zuckerberg, whom we know as CEO of Meta, seems to have jumped in at the right time with his Threads. This app is strikingly similar to Twitter, but has the important plus of linking an Instagram account. For example, you can follow all your Instagram followers on Threads at the click of a button and they will instantly see all your opinions on various topics.

It seems like a golden move by Zuckerberg. After just five days, Threads welcomed its 100 millionth user. By comparison, the groundbreaking and immensely popular ChatGPT took a whopping two months to do so. It is therefore important to claim your (company’s) name quickly. Below we explain how to create an account.

Zuckerberg does make things difficult for us, as Threads is not officially available in Europe yet, due to our continent’s strict privacy laws. That’s immediately the biggest disclaimer. Think carefully about whether you want to download this app. Indeed, the company behind Threads is known as a data slurper. Should you still want to claim your (company) name, you can do so with the help of some clever tricks….

Install Apple

If we assume Apple users for a moment, you first need to create an Apple ID from the US. You can do this at appleid.apple.com. At the top right, then choose “Create your Apple ID. Then follow the steps and under country/region, choose United States. Then you can simply enter your own information and verify your account via text message. Now you are in possession of an American Apple ID. Finally, go to the App Store on your iPhone and tap your profile picture at the top right. Log out and then log back in with your U.S. Apple ID.

Now you’re going to search for the right app: Threads. Then click on “Get. Then you fill in a few more details, but these you can suck out of your thumb. However, the zip code and state must match. For example, choose Oregon as the state and enter this zip code: 97201. Make up another phone number and voilla: Treads can be installed. Then switch back to your “normal,” probably Dutch Apple ID. Threads can also be used through this ID.

Install Android

Do you own an Android phone? Even then, you can just download Threads early. It’s even a little easier than on Apple. In fact, no new Google account is required on Android. Just make sure you don’t download the app through the Playstore. In fact, it is not yet available there.

Download the app, at your own risk, from this link from Softonic. Be sure to read about the dangers of installing the app. In fact, this app has not yet been checked for Malware. Then follow the instructions to allow APK installations. You can find this in your settings under the heading “Install unknown apps. Finally, click Chrome > Allow from this source.

Use Threads

Your Threads app has now been downloaded, time to use it. Make sure you import all your data from Instagram, though. That way you don’t start at “zero” and you can immediately follow all your friends on this latest social platform.

So be quick and claim your (company’s) name!