Having a professional WordPress website created
Written by Finn Ruijter, 12 June 2018

Think about your website’s target audience

When developing a new website, it is important to very consciously ask yourself who you are addressing. Who belong to your target audience, what questions would they want answered on your website and through what targeted customer journey can we entice them to contact you?

In short, how does defining your target audience help convert visitors?

In two clicks at destination

When developing a new website, we want every visitor to get to their destination within two clicks. So ask yourself what exactly your target audience wants. With that knowledge, your website will have a purpose and you can tailor the design and pages accordingly.

What does the target audience want?

If they want to buy something, the shopping cart must be found quickly. If you prefer to provide information, then content texts and videos are quite appropriate. If your target audience still belongs to the club of people who prefer to call make sure your phone number is listed everywhere.

The online behavior

If you have multiple audiences, for example, business and residential, they both need to be at their beck and call. They each have their own online behavior. For example, the business visitor is more likely to request a quote than the individual who first does a large-scale competitive search. And who knows, you may also have different customer service for both parties. It is professional to quickly direct the visitor to the right one.

Two inputs

To address target audiences individually, you can choose to create multiple entries in the navigation. For example, ABGL has a website layer aimed at employers and a layer aimed at job seekers.

Understandable navigation

Design the website so that every target audience understands the navigation. Then trigger them to click through. As a visitor, you should not only be able to see everything quickly, but also find it interesting. The website must be user-friendly. And those who do not have a responsive website are no longer taken seriously within any circle.

“Design the website so that every target audience understands the navigation.”

Serve your target audience

A good web designer thinks beyond content and colors. For example, he designs short intros for quick readers and an appealing “read more” button for analysts. Are older visitors among your target audience? Consider different fonts and sizes. This allows the reading glasses to stay in the bag.

Speak to your target audience starting today

Create your plan, discover your target audience and let 2manydots help you with a targeted business website. As specialists in converting websites, we know that every percentage point counts. That’s why we keep optimizing until we get the most out of your site.